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Education Commission of the States

The Education Commission of the States (ECS) is a national, nonprofit organization that helps governors, legislators, state education officials and others identify, develop and implement policies to improve student learning at all levels.

A bipartisan interstate compact formed in 1965, ECS is located in Denver, Colorado. The staff includes educators, policy analysts, communications and technology experts, researchers and support staff.

Member states and territories are represented by their governor and six other commissioners. These commissioners include state legislators, state and local school board members, chief state school officers, state higher education executive officers, college presidents, superintendents, teachers and others.

Each year, a different governor chairs ECS, alternating political parties.

As a nonprofit organization, ECS obtains financial support through a combination of state fees, state contracts and grants from foundations, corporations and the federal government.

Constituent committees govern investment decisions, oversee the budget and direct the workings of ECS.

URL: http://www.ecs.org/
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