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Quest International

Maya Angelou eloquently summed up the philosophy that forms the basis for Quest International's activities on behalf of children when she said: "To make a difference is not a matter of accident, a matter of casual occurrence of the tides. People choose to make a difference."

Adults who care about the healthy growth and development of youth can indeed make a difference. They can help focus children's attention on forming positive relationships with their families, peers, and other adults; they can help young people learn to make healthy choices and good decisions; they can work to discover children's innate talents and abilities and encourage them to flourish.

In today's society, threats to young people continue to escalate: violence and crime are on the rise; many parents face mounting economic pressures and limited job prospects; children in just about every community have easy access to drugs, alcohol, and dangerous weapons. But even though we live in a world where we hear all too frequently of tragedies affecting youth, we cannot lose hope.

Quest International supports adults as they work to help young people build resiliency--the ability to face and overcome life's difficulties--and resist the lure of negative behaviors. We help adults find practical ways to enrich the quality of children's lives and to guide them toward a constructive and rewarding future. A positive future for all of us will emerge only if we are successful in instilling character, compassion, and thinking and communication skills in today's youth. This vision will become a reality through educators and other adults who are committed to this mission and who model the highest standards of integrity, respect, and caring.

From its inception more than 20 years ago, Quest International has focused on preparing young people to face the future with optimism, hope, and a wide range of essential life skills. The quality of their future relies on our present, faithful stewardship as parents, teachers, caregivers, mentors, and friends. Quest is committed to empowering adults for this critically important task.

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