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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

The mission of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is to provide the vision and leadership necessary to ensure a mathematics education of the highest quality for all students.
In accordance with the mission, NCTM is dedicated to the following goals and the accompanying strategies for achieving them: Goals Goal 1: To promote excellence in school mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessment
Goal 2: To stimulate students' interest, achievement, and confidence in learning mathematics
Goal 3: To promote high-quality mathematics teaching and ongoing professional development throughout the preparation and careers of teachers of mathematics
Goal 4: To strengthen leadership in, and service to, mathematics education
Goal 5: To encourage research in mathematics education and the translation of research findings into practice
Goal 6: To provide resources and useful professional support for members and Affiliated Groups as they engage in activities on behalf of mathematics education
Goal 7: To develop partnerships and collaborations that help to influence the forces for change affecting mathematics education and that build support for our mission

URL: http://www.nctm.org/
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