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coverby Meike Watzlawik, Alina Kriebel, Jaan Valsiner (Eds.)
review by Gretchen Reevy — 2017

coverby Kira J. Baker-Doyle
review by Debra Sprague & Lindsay Zurawski — 2017

coverby Brett Gardiner Murphy
review by Sheila Macrine — 2017

coverby Les Back
review by Ed Warzala — 2017

coverby Frederick M. Hess & Max Eden (Eds.)
review by Joseph Nichols — 2017

coverby James Paul Gee
review by Megan Adams — 2017

coverby John Levi Martin
review by Janice Aurini — 2017

coverby Dr. Patricia J. Larke, Dr. Gwendolyn Webb-Hasan, & Dr. Jemimah L. Young
review by Autumn Griffin — 2017

coverby Laura Finley, Joanie Connors, & Barbara Wien
review by Jeff Aguiar — 2017

coverby Gene Diaz & Martha Barry McKenna
review by Susan Bennett — 2017

coverby Rosetta Marantz Cohen
review by Katrina Liu — 2017

coverby Jamy Stillman & Lauren Anderson
review by Adrian Martin — 2017

coverby Linda Darling-Hammond, Dion Burns, Carol Campbell, A. Lin Goodwin, Karen Hammerness, Ee-Ling Low, Ann McIntyre, Mistilina Sato, & Ken Zeichner
review by Kara Dymond & Karyn Cooper — 2017

coverby Allan Collins
review by Joshua Rosenberg & Charles Logan — 2017

coverby Margaret A. Post, Elaine Ward, Nicholas V. Longo, & John Saltmarsh (Eds.)
review by Gina Mariano — 2017

coverby Alex Posecznick
review by Kevin McClure & Kara Ostlund — 2017

coverby Vicki E. Alger
review by Liz Hollingworth — 2017

coverby Victor C. X. Wang, Bernice Bain, & John Hope
review by Irene Yoon — 2017

coverby Dean Fink
review by Catherine Hands — 2017

coverby Michele Knobel & Colin Lankshear (Eds.)
review by Susan Cridland-Hughes — 2017

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

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    • Successful Group Work by Patrice Palmer (Alphabet Publishing) Classroom Community Builders by Walton Burns (Alphabet Publishing)
    • Title: Exploring the Community Impact of Research-Practice Partnerships in Education; Editors: R. Martin Reardon and Jack Leonard (2017)
    • The SAGE Handbook of Mentoring; Editors: David Clutterbuck, Frances Kochan, Laura Gail Lunsford, Nora Dominguez, Julie Haddock-Millar; Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
    • Culturally Engaging Service-Learning With Diverse Communities (Advances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design); Editors: Omobolade Delano-Oriaran, Marguerite Penick-Parks, and Suzanne Fondrie; Series: Advances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design; Publisher: IGI Global
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