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coverby Jon Pedersen, Kevin D. Finson & Barbara S. Spector (Eds.)
review by Brian Hand — 2018

coverby Glenda M. Flores
review by Sandra Quiρones — 2018

coverby Esther Quintero & Andy Hargreaves
review by Lydia Ross — 2018

coverby Frank Serafini & Elisabeth Gee
review by Barbara Waxman — 2018

coverby Dorothy Aguilera-Black Bear & John W. Tippeconnic (Eds.)
review by Dyanis Popova — 2018

coverby Mitchel Resnick & Ken Robinson
review by Trevor Stewart — 2018

coverby Claudia G. Cervantes-Soon
review by Sarah Gallo — 2018

coverby Deborah Meier & Matthew Knoester
review by Daniel Koretz — 2018

coverby Donna Y. Ford,‎ Michelle Trotman Scott,‎ Ramon B. Goings,‎ Tuwana T. Wingfield,‎ & Malik S. Henfield (Eds.)
review by Angelina Castagno & Ijeoma Ononuju — 2017

coverby William C. Smith
review by Christopher Crowley & Min Yu — 2017

coverby Rebecca Zwick
review by Patricia Pιrez — 2017

coverby Mark William Roche
review by Jacob Rooksby — 2017

coverby Donald S. Blumenfeld-Jones (Ed.)
review by Kimmie Tang & Kate Esposito — 2017

coverby Marc Brasof
review by Ganiva Reyes & Brian D. Schultz — 2017

coverby Stephen O'Brien
review by Christopher Slaten & Jana Onwonga — 2017

coverby Donna Podems
review by Todd DeStigter — 2017

coverby Jill Alexa Perry (Ed.)
review by Dionne Clabaugh — 2017

coverby Fred A. Bonner Ii,‎ Rosa M. Banda,‎ Petra A. Robinson (Eds.)
review by Jay Dee & Cheryl Daly — 2017

coverby John Merrow
review by Stuart Rhoden — 2017

coverby Tuija Itkonen (Ed)
review by Laura Rychly — 2017

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Hello, I am writing to you as I am curious to sound out your interest in reading and perhaps reviewing one of our new books – Robin and the White Rabbit (http://www.jkp.com/uk/robin-and-the-white-rabbit.html) for the Teachers College Record. It is a picture book that helps children with autism or communication difficulties who struggle with social isolation find a way to communicate with those around them. The book serves as a tool to guide children through the process of using visual communication cards in order to express and understand their thoughts and feelings. “This will be extremely valuable information for parents and teachers, and will enable the child to use a new form of communication. The story also includes themes of friendship, encouragement and affection, and can be used to explain the world of autism to typical peers.” - Tony Attwood, The Minds and Hearts Clinic, Brisbane You can find out a little more about the author and the background behind the book from this blog entry if you like: http://www.jkp.com/uk/robin-and-the-white-rabbit.html It is a charming book with real scope to help isolated children feel included and understood, so I really want to get it some coverage. If this sounds like something that would interest you then do let me know, and I can arrange for a copy to be sent over to you. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Matt (Matthew.young@jkp.com)
    • "Nobody" written by Marc Lamont Hill
    • Margaret Foley McCabe and Patricia Gonzalez Flores Essentials of Online Teaching: A Standards-Based Guide
    • Citizenship Education and Global Migration: Implications for Theory, Research, and Teaching James A. Banks (Editor)
    • Ball, Daisy and Nicholas D. Hartlep. 2017. Asian/Americans, Education, and Crime: The Model Minority as Victim and Perpetrator. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

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