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coverby Meike Watzlawik, Alina Kriebel, Jaan Valsiner (Eds.)
review by Gretchen Reevy — 2017

coverby Kira J. Baker-Doyle
review by Debra Sprague & Lindsay Zurawski — 2017

coverby Brett Gardiner Murphy
review by Sheila Macrine — 2017

coverby Les Back
review by Ed Warzala — 2017

coverby Frederick M. Hess & Max Eden (Eds.)
review by Joseph Nichols — 2017

coverby James Paul Gee
review by Megan Adams — 2017

coverby John Levi Martin
review by Janice Aurini — 2017

coverby Dr. Patricia J. Larke, Dr. Gwendolyn Webb-Hasan, & Dr. Jemimah L. Young
review by Autumn Griffin — 2017

coverby Laura Finley, Joanie Connors, & Barbara Wien
review by Jeff Aguiar — 2017

coverby Gene Diaz & Martha Barry McKenna
review by Susan Bennett — 2017

coverby Rosetta Marantz Cohen
review by Katrina Liu — 2017

coverby Jamy Stillman & Lauren Anderson
review by Adrian Martin — 2017

coverby Linda Darling-Hammond, Dion Burns, Carol Campbell, A. Lin Goodwin, Karen Hammerness, Ee-Ling Low, Ann McIntyre, Mistilina Sato, & Ken Zeichner
review by Kara Dymond & Karyn Cooper — 2017

coverby Allan Collins
review by Joshua Rosenberg & Charles Logan — 2017

coverby Margaret A. Post, Elaine Ward, Nicholas V. Longo, & John Saltmarsh (Eds.)
review by Gina Mariano — 2017

coverby Alex Posecznick
review by Kevin McClure & Kara Ostlund — 2017

coverby Vicki E. Alger
review by Liz Hollingworth — 2017

coverby Victor C. X. Wang, Bernice Bain, & John Hope
review by Irene Yoon — 2017

coverby Dean Fink
review by Catherine Hands — 2017

coverby Michele Knobel & Colin Lankshear (Eds.)
review by Susan Cridland-Hughes — 2017

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Author: Dr. James M. Magrini Book: Re-Conceptualizing Plato's Socrates at the Limit of Education: A Socratic Curriculum Grounded in Finite Human Transcendence (Routledge 2017). Authors: Dr. James M. Magrini & Dr. Elias Schwieler Book: Heidegger During the Turn: Literature, Poetry, and Education (Routledge 2017).
    • Author: Craig A. Mertler Title: Action research: Improving schools and empowering educators
    • Releasing Leadership Brilliance: Breaking Sound Barriers in Education, a new guidebook for moving schools from mediocrity to brilliance is co-authored by Simon T. Bailey and Marceta F. Reilly. The book features compelling case studies, simple tools, and relevant resources that provide the inspiration for educators and school leaders to make deep, lasting change in their schools or districts. I would be happy to provide a free copy of the book if someone was interested in reviewing, just let me know! bolson@lwolfe.com
    • Editors -- Jose Aldemar Alvarez V., Cathy Amanti, Shireen Keyl, Erin Mackinney Title -- Critical Views on Teaching and Learning English Around the Globe: Qualitative Research Approaches
    • Engaging Readers: Supporting All Students in Knowledge-driven Reading, Grades 4-8 Dana A. Robertson, Evelyn Ford-Connors, Susan Dougherty

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