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coverby Glenda M. Prime
review by Bhaskar Upadhyay - 2020

coverby Donna Wilson Marcus Conyers
review by Michelle Zoss & Ian Custar - 2020

coverby Sandra Murphy & Mary Ann Smith
review by Gillian Mertens & Angela Kohnen - 2020

coverby Serhiy Kovalchuk & Anatoli Rapoport
review by Erik Byker - 2020

coverby Jeremiah J. Sims, Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza, Lasana O. Hotep, Jeramy Wallace, & Tabitha Conaway
review by Federick Ngo & Bruno Rhodes - 2020

coverby Rhonda Baynes Jeffries
review by Marcela Rodriguez-Campo - 2020

coverby Youb Kim & Patricia H. Hinchey
review by Lydiah Kiramba - 2020

coverby Eva Garin & Rebecca W. Burns
review by Stephanie Brown & Christian Winterbottom - 2020

coverby Bessie Dernikos, Nancy Lesko, Stephanie D. McCall, & Alyssa Niccolini
review by Kathryn Strom & Tammy Mills - 2020

coverby Troy Hicks & Andy Schoeborn
review by Carol Wickstrom - 2020

coverby Carol R. Rodgers
review by Candyce Reynolds - 2020

coverby Meredith Mountford & Leigh E. Wallace
review by Juan Niño - 2020

coverby Dana T. Johnson & Jennifer E. Price
review by Alexis Redding - 2020

coverby Ahmad R. Washington, Ramon B. Goings & Malik S. Henfield
review by Sara Helfrich - 2020

coverby Alison Schmitke, Leilani Sabzalian & Jeff Edmundson
review by Cheryl Bolick & Waverly Whisenant - 2020

coverby Katharine D. Samway, Lucinda Pease-Alvarez, & Laura Alvarez
review by Cristin Lasser - 2020

coverby Melissa Schieble, Amy Vetter, & Kahdeidra Monét Martin
review by Tara Meister - 2020

coverby Meredith I. Honig & Lydia R. Rainey
review by Kimberly Clarida & David DeMatthews - 2020

coverby Tim Spuck, Leigh Jenkins, Terrie Rust, & Remy Dou
review by Meseret Hailu & Neelakshi Tewari - 2020

coverby Hiller A. Spires, Shea N. Kerkhoff, & Casey M. Paul
review by Anika Burtin - 2020

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Edward Brantmeier & Maria K. McKenna (Eds.) Pedagogy of Vulnerability
    • The Undocumented Americans (2020) By KARLA CORNEJO VILLAVICENCIO (Learned about this book, published 3 months ago from NPR Code Switch)
    • "The Years that Matter Most: How College Makes or Break Us" By Paul Tough I would like to write the book review, as I've done in the past for TCR. Thanks, Gregory Wolniak gwolniak@uga.edu
    • "What Does Injustice Have to Do with Me?" Engaging Privileged White Students with Social Justice by David Nurenberg (Rowman and Littlefield, ISBN:978-1-4758-5374-2) https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781475853759/%22What-Does-Injustice-Have-to-Do-with-Me-%22-Engaging-Privileged-White-Students-with-Social-Justice
    • Meghan Manfra: Action Research for Classrooms, Schools and Communities (Sage, 2020)

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