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coverby Amy J. Heineke & Kristin J. Davin
review by Xenia Hadjioannou & Nancy Rankie Shelton - 2021

coverby Andrea L. Tyler, Stephen Hancock & Sonyia C. Richardson
review by Stefanie L. Marshall - 2021

coverby Carolyn J. Heinrich, Jennifer Darling-Aduana, and Annalee G. Good
review by Grace Cole & Cassidy Puckett - 2021

coverby Melinda Mangin & Gavin Grimm
review by Katherine Lewis - 2021

coverby Jack Schneider & Jennifer Berkshire
review by DongMei Li - 2021

coverby Beth Harry & Lydia Ocasio-Stoutenburg
review by Alea Holman - 2021

coverby Rachel Roegman, David Allen, Larry Leverett, Scott Thompson, & Thomas Hatch
review by Richard Welsh & Neha Sobti - 2021

coverby Celina Torres Arcadia, Norma Pesqueira Bustamante & Elizabeth Murakami
review by Graciela Cordero-Arroyo - 2021

coverby Melissa J. Marks & Scott DeWitt
review by Elizabeth A. Self - 2021

coverby JoAnne Ferrara, Janice Nath, and Roland Beebe
review by Norah Alomary - 2021

coverby Kelleen Toohey, Suzanne Smythe, Diane Dagenais, Magali Forte
review by Jason D. DeHart - 2021

coverby Sarah M. Stitzlein
review by Scott DeWitt, Priscilla Lagunas & Jasmine Lerner - 2021

coverby Ebony O. McGee
review by Carrie D. Allen - 2021

coverby Stewart Waters & William B. Russell III
review by Jeff Spanke - 2021

coverby Christopher C. Martell & Kaylene M. Stevens
review by Cathryn van Kessel - 2021

coverby Joanna McIntyre & Fran Abrams
review by James Alan Oloo - 2021

coverby Kelly Hope
review by Khalilah Ali - 2021

coverby Susan O'Hara, Robert Pritchard, & Debi Pitta
review by Laura Northrop - 2021

coverby Barbara Polnick, Julia Ballenger, Beverly Irby, & Nahed Abdelrahman
review by Catherine Martin-Dunlop - 2021

coverby Eddie R. Cole
review by Jesse R. Ford & Kaleb L. Briscoe - 2021

coverby Josie Ahlquist
review by Ericka Roland & Fallan Frank - 2021

coverby Daniel R. Boisvert & Ralf Thiede
review by Samina Hadi-Tabassum - 2021

coverby Michael Gasper & Rosie Walker
review by Joy Dangora Erickson, Savannah Farkash & Alexis Novak - 2021

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • I have prepared a review of the following recently published book: Data Culture and the Organisation of Teachers’ Work: An Institutional Ethnography By Nerida Spina https://www.routledge.com/Data-Culture-and-the-Organisation-of-Teachers-Work-An-Institutional/Spina/p/book/9780367173258 Thanks for your consideration! Janel Anderson Ph.D. Student, Department of Education Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • Hollins, E.R. & Warner, C.K. (2021). Rethinking teacher preparation program design. Routledge.
    • Federico R Waitoller Excluded by Choice: Urban Students with Disabilities in the Education Marketplace https://www.tcpress.com/excluded-by-choice-9780807764008
    • 2020 Benson, Janel and Elizabeth M. Lee [equal authorship]. Geographies of Campus Inequality: Mapping the Diverse Experiences of First-Generation Students. Oxford University Press.
    • Cross-Disciplinary, Cross-Institutional Collaboration in Teacher Education: Cases of Learning and Leading Edited by Cheryl J. Craig, Laura Turchi, and Denise McDonald

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