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coverby Andrea L. Beach, Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Ann E. Austin, & Jaclyn K. Rivard
review by Julie A. Mooney & Luciano da Rosa dos Santos 2017

coverby Kristen L. Buras
review by Ciro Viamontes & Miriam Ezzani 2017

coverby William B. Russell III & Stewart Waters (Eds.)
review by Kathryn Obenchain 2017

coverby David F. Labaree
review by Gabriel Serna 2017

coverby Michael F. Graves
review by Katia Ciampa, Jill Marron & Gwen Quinn 2017

coverby Fred L. Hamel
review by Lorien Chambers Schuldt 2017

coverby Roslyn Arlin Mickelson, Stephen Samuel Smith & Amy Hawn Nelson (Eds.)
review by Thandeka Chapman 2017

coverby Meira Levinson & Jacob Fay (Eds.)
review by Serena Salloum & Emily Hodge 2017

coverby Richard R. Verdugo & Andrew Milne (Eds.)
review by MinSoo Kim-Bossard 2017

coverby Ivelin Sardamov
review by Valerie Ooka Pang & Jennifer M. Pang 2017

coverby Madelyn Flammia, Yvonne Cleary & Darina M. Slattery
review by Catherine Hansman 2017

coverby Frederick M. Hess & Michael Q. McShane (Eds.)
review by Shetay N. Ashford 2017

coverby Emefa Takyi-Amoako
review by Jamie Bleck 2017

coverby Carla Shalaby
review by Claire Cameron & Amy Mace 2017

coverby Zachary A. Casey
review by Rosnidar Arshad & Christine Clark 2017

coverby Meghan Cosier & Christine Ashby (Eds.)
review by Abby Cameron-Standerford 2017

coverby Gerald S. Edmonds, &Tiffany M. Squires (Eds.)
review by Cheryl Torrez 2017

coverby Sandee Graham McClowry
review by Michelle Sobolak 2017

coverby Craig B. Howley, Aimee Howley, & Edwina Pendarvis
review by Dara Soljaga & Kari Pawl 2017

coverby Anthony G. Picciano
review by John Bell & William Cain 2017

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Discourse Analysis beyond the Speech Event, Stanton Wortham, Angela Reyes
    • Rita Verma Critical Peace Education and Global Citizenship: Narratives from the Unofficial Curriculum Routledge 2017
    • Thalia M. Mulvihill & Raji Swaminathan (2017). Critical Approaches to Life Writing Methods in Qualitative Research. https://www.routledge.com/Critical-Approaches-to-Life-Writing-Methods-in-Qualitative-Research/Mulvihill-Swaminathan/p/book/9781138642997 Matt Bickerton, editorial assistant at Routledge Press can provide a copy of the book for purposes of a Review. Matthew.Bickerton@informa.com Thank you!
    • Evans, N. J., Broido, E. M., Brown, K., & Wilke, A. (2017). Disability in higher education: A social justice approach. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
    • Isaac Gottesman (2016). The Critical Turn in Education: From Marxist Critique to Poststructuralist Feminism to Critical Theories of Race. New York: Routledge. Series in Critical Social Thought.

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