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coverby Brandi Hinnant-Crawford, C. Spencer Platt, Christopher Newman, & Adriel Hilton
review by Lynet Uttal - 2020

coverby Natalia Kucirkova, Jennifer Rowsell, & Garry Falloon
review by Farveh Ghafouri - 2020

coverby Valerie Kinloch, Tanja Burkhard, & Carlotta Penn
review by Nicole Pyle - 2020

coverby Sheldon Brown & Luca Tateo
review by Terrance McAdoo - 2020

coverby Janet Story Sauer & Zachary Rossetti
review by Sylvia Mac - 2020

coverby Elfrieda H. Hiebert
review by Sarah Vander Zanden & Abby Weiland - 2020

coverby Bianca J. Baldridge
review by Paul Kuttner - 2020

coverby Dianne Smith, Loyce Caruthers & Shaunda Fowler
review by Melanie Marshall - 2020

coverby Maia Chankseliani & Iveta Silova
review by Anna Smolentseva - 2020

coverby Chad D. Hoggan & Bill Browning
review by Dimitra Jackson Smith - 2020

coverby Kathleen M. Brinegar, Lisa M. Harrison & Ellis Hurd
review by Chris Cook - 2020

coverby Elisa S. Abes, Susan R. Jones & D-L Stewart
review by Rachel Wagner - 2020

coverby Ron Avi Astor, Linda Jacobson, Stephanie L. Wrabel, Rami Benbenishty, & Diana Pineda
review by Camila Polanco & Roderick Carey - 2020

coverby Peter D. Eckel & Cathy A. Trower
review by Sunil Gupta , Harry Mars , Manuel Romero & Jessica Ostrow - 2020

coverby Lynnette Mawhinney & Carol R. Rinke
review by Alana Horner & Sheron Fraser-Burgess - 2020

coverby Gregory R. Hancock, Jeffrey R. Harring, & George B. Macready
review by Wes Bonifay - 2020

coverby James E. Schul
review by Brittany Jones & Anne-Lise Halvorsen - 2020

coverby Angelina E. Castagno
review by Caitlin OíLoughlin-Rosa & Jocelyn Glazier - 2020

coverby Maria Teresa Tatto, Katharine Burn, Ian Menter, Trevor Mutton & Ian Thompson
review by Oluseyi Odebiyi - 2020

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Teaching about Gender Diversity: Teacher-Tested Lesson Plans for K-12 Classrooms; Edited by Susan W. Woolley, Lee Airton
    • Dear Book Review Editors, Would you be interested in reviewing a recent book I wrote on preschool literacy? It's entitled Supporting Literacies for Children of Color: A Strength-Based Approach to Preschool Literacy (Routledge, 2020). If so, I can ask Routledge to forward an E copy of the book. Many thanks and best, Daniel Meier San Francisco State University
    • Hi, This is salma Ali, a phd candidate from Texas A&M university. I am interested in writing a book review. How can I access the list of books need to be reviewed. Thank you
    • Examining Teach for All: International Perspectives on a Growing Global Network Routledge Editors: Matthew A.M. Thomas, Emilee Rauschenberger, Katherine Crawford-Garrett Published: August, 2020
    • Dear Editors of book reviews: Thank you for reviewing my book, The Art of Reflective Teaching: Practicing Presence. I wonder if it is possible to correct several spelling errors in the review: My name is Carol Rodgers (with a d) rather than Rogers (without a d). The book addresses mindfulness and meditation rather than the "mediation." If corrections could be made, I would appreciate it. Carol Rodgers
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