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coverby Paul Whitinui, Marνa del Carmen Rodrνguez de France, & Onowa McIvor (Eds.)
review by Lynn Aylward — 2018

coverby Michael DiPaola & Charles A. Wagner
review by Blanca Araujo & Leanna Lucero — 2018

coverby Katherine M. Douglas & Diane B. Jaquith
review by Margaret Anne Walker — 2018

coverby Kathy L. Guthrie & Daniel M. Jenkins
review by Brett Geier — 2018

coverby Diane Mayer, Mary Dixon, Jodie Kline, Alex Kostogriz, Julianne Moss, Leonie Rowan, Bernadette Walker-Gibbs, & Simone White
review by Manu Sharma — 2018

coverby Brian L. Wright & Shelly L. Counsell
review by Jevon Hunter — 2018

coverby Keli Garas-York, Pixita del Prado Hill, Leslie K. Day, Kim Truesdell, & Susan Keller Mathers (Eds.)
review by Akihiko Takahashi — 2018

coverby Kenneth R. Howe, Amy L. Boelι, & Ofelia M. Miramontes
review by David Connor — 2018

coverby Betty Bardige, Megina Baker, & Ben Mardell
review by Chun Zhang — 2018

coverby Matthew T. McCrudden & Danielle S. McNamara
review by Philip Molebash — 2018

coverby Doug Blandy & Paul E. Bolin
review by Dustin Garnet — 2018

coverby Mike Bottery, Wong Ping-Man, & George Ngai
review by Sharon Kruse — 2018

coverby Rose L. Colby
review by Sarah Kiefer — 2018

coverby Joan Middendorf & Leah Shopkow
review by Bradley Fogo — 2018

coverby Toby S. Jenkins, Crystal Leigh Endsley, Marla L. Jaksch, & Anthony R. Keith (Eds.)
review by Susan Weinstein — 2018

coverby Maria Santos, Martha Castellon Palacios, Tina Cheuk, Rebecca Greene, Diana Mercado-Garcia, Lisa Zerkel, Kenji Hakuta, & Renae Skarin
review by Rebecca M. Callahan & Catherine Hartman — 2018

coverby Stuart S. Yeh
review by Zahide Alaca & Scott Davies — 2018

coverby William Ayers, Crystal Laura, & Rick Ayers
review by Rebecca Fredrickson — 2018

coverby Virginia Stead (Ed.)
review by Carrie Kortegast — 2018

coverby Valora Washington & Brenda Gadson
review by Su-Jeong Wee — 2018

coverby Bronwyn MacFarlane (Ed.)
review by Joyce Juntune — 2018

coverby Donna L. Pasternak, Samantha Caughlan, Heidi L. Hallman, Laura Renzi, & Leslie S. Rush
review by Rebecca Flores & Ashley Cartun — 2018

coverby Hong Jiao & Robert W. Lissitz (Eds.)
review by Hongli Li & Jacquelyn Bialo — 2018

coverby Paul Cobb, Kara Jackson, Erin Henrick, Thomas M. Smith, Michael Sorum, & the MIST Team
review by Joy Esboldt & Travis Bristol — 2018

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Alvermann, D., Unrau, N., Sailors, M., & Ruddell, R. (Eds.). (2019). Theoretical models and processes of literacy (7th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.
    • Hartlep, N. D., Kahlon, A. K., & Ball, D. (Eds.). (2018). Asian/American scholars of education: 21st century pedagogies, perspectives, and experiences. New York: Peter Lang.
    • Learning First, Technology Second https://www.iste.org/resources/product?id=3975
    • I'd love to be able to review Mira Jacob's Good Talk. It is set for release in March of 2019 and can see about acquiring an advanced copy. This book looks promising for studies in early childhood development, multicultural education, and transnational childhoods. https://www.amazon.com/Good-Talk-Conversations-Mira-Jacob/dp/039958904X Many thanks for the consideration. Tran Templeton -- Tran Nguyen Templeton, Ed.D. Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Studies Program Coordinator, AOP M.S. in ECS University of North Texas, College of Education Office: Matthews Hall 206-R Office phone: 940-565-2941 Book a meeting: https://trantempleton.youcanbook.me Find out more about visual research: https://collaborativeseeingstudio.commons.gc.cuny.edu/
    • The Achievement Gap in Reading Editors: Rosalind Horowitz and S. Jay Samuels I would like to volunteer to review this book. I should disclose that I have been asked by the editor (Horowitz) to review the book. My contact info is below. I have also submitted my info into the TC Record reviewer database. Jayce R. Warner The University of Texas at Austin jaycewarner@utexas.edu 210-386-5288
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