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coverby Eric Lybeck
review by Sherman Dorn - 2020

coverby Madeline J. Smith & Kristen L. Tarantino
review by James Schul - 2020

coverby Becca Berkey, Cara Meixner, Patrick M. Green & Emily Eddins Rountree
review by Michael Williams & Amanda Carr - 2020

coverby Katie Egan Cunningham
review by Rachelle Savitz - 2020

coverby Bryan A. Brown
review by Lynn Sikma - 2020

coverby Gregory Michie
review by Joseph Jones - 2020

coverby Joely Proudfit & Nicole Quinderro Myers‐Lim
review by Stephanie Masta - 2020

coverby Wayne J. Urban, Jennings L. Wagoner, Jr., & Milton Gaither
review by Chara Bohan - 2020

coverby Ebony M. Duncan-Shippy
review by Jessica Sierk - 2020

coverby Lara Willox & Cathy Brant
review by Charles Elfer & Briana Evans-Lopez - 2020

coverby Valerie N. Faulkner, Patricia L. Marshall . & Lee V. Stiff
review by Marta Civil & Roberta Hunter - 2020

coverby Hayriye Kayi-Aydar, Xuesong (Andy) Gao, Elizabeth R. Miller, Manka Varghese, & Gergana Vitanova
review by Jung Hyun & Gail Prasad - 2020

coverby Subini Ancy Annamma
review by Shereka King & Abiola Farinde-Wu - 2020

coverby Luciana C. de Oliveira & Blaine E. Smith
review by Patricia Venegas-Weber - 2020

coverby Carola Suárez-Orozco & Olivia Osei-Twumasi
review by Vincent Carales & Itzel Martinez - 2020

coverby Holly Korbey
review by Phillip VanFossen & Elizabeth Yeager Washington - 2020

coverby Kristin K. Wobbe & Elisabeth A. Stoddard
review by Deborah Harte, Kimberly Colclough & Jessica Ostrow - 2020

coverby Alexander Karp & Julia Viro
review by Hartono Tjoe - 2020

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

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    • The Next Generation of STEM Teachers: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Meet the Needs of the Future by Patrick M. Jenlink (Editor), Karen Embry Jenlink (Editor)
    • American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins
    • "The Stories We Tell: math, race, bias, and opportunity" Authors: Valerie N. Faulkner, Patricia L. Marshall, and Lee V. Stiff North Carolina State University
    • Language, Mind, and Power: Why We Need Linguistic Equality, 1st Edition By Daniel R. Boisvert, Ralf Thiede
    • Hi, This is Salma Ali, One of the PhD candidate, from Texas A&M University. I want to write a Book Review on Books (available on your website also). What is the way to do that. Please help. Best
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