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coverby Terry Doyle & Todd D. Zakrajsek
review by Pavlo Antonenko - 2019

coverby Katie O. Arosteguy, Alison Bright, & Brenda J. Rinard
review by James Fredricksen - 2019

coverby Clark McKown
review by Jeffrey Liew & Sarah Ura - 2019

coverby James M. Magrini
review by Deron Boyles - 2019

coverby Alan B. Knox, Simone C. O. Conceição, & Larry G. Martin (Eds.)
review by Rosemary Papa - 2019

coverby Peter M. Magolda, Marcia B. Baxter Magolda, & Rozana Carducci
review by Ezekiel Kimball & Nina Tissi-Gassoway - 2019

coverby Catherine Fraser
review by Rebecca Rogers & Doris Villarreal - 2019

coverby Carmen I. Mercado
review by Rebecca Buchanan - 2019

coverby Trevor Andrew Bryan
review by Beth Beschorner & Lisa Vasquez - 2019

coverby Adrianna Kezar, Yianna Drivalas, & Joseph A. Kitchen
review by Carrie Myers & Scott Myers - 2019

coverby Pooja K. Agarwal & Patrice M. Bain
review by Betina Hsieh - 2019

coverby Anthony H. Normore & Antonia Issa Lahera (Eds.)
review by Monica McGlynn-Stewart - 2019

coverby Doug Buehl
review by Shannon Howrey - 2019

coverby Geoff Whitty & John Furlong
review by Jenna Mortensen Nelson & Seungho Moon - 2019

coverby Kevin Fahey, Angela Breidenstein, Jacy Ippolito, & Frances Hensley
review by Shane Shope & Michael Kessinger - 2019

coverby Pamela Harris Lawton, Margaret A. Walker, & Melissa Green
review by Liane Brouillette - 2019

coverby Althier M. Lazar & Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt (Eds.)
review by Maria Coady - 2019

coverby Alissa A. Lange, Kimberly Brenneman, & Hagit Mano
review by Jennifer Cribbs & Adrienne Redmond-Sanogo - 2019

coverby sj Miller
review by Christian Walkes - 2019

coverby Steve Rhine, Rachel Harrington, & Colin Starr
review by Amy Olson & Rachel Ayieko - 2019

coverby Getahun Yacob Abraham & Mary Alice Barksdale
review by Espen Stranger-Johannessen - 2019

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Words No Bars Can Hold: Literacy Learning in Prison by Deborah Appleman Description: The students’ work, through which they probe and develop their identities as readers and writers, illuminates the transformative power of literacy. Appleman argues for the importance of educating the incarcerated, and explores ways to interrupt the increasingly common journey from urban schools to our nation’s prisons. From the sobering endpoint of what scholars have called the “school to prison pipeline,” she draws insight from the narratives and experiences of those who have traveled it. I have reviewed for TCR in the past when I was on faculty at the University of MInnesota. I'm now at UC, Santa Cruz. Thank you, Cynthia Lewis cylewis@ucsc.edu
    • Teaching Social History with Primary Sources Book Series: Discovering Quacks, Utopias, and Cemeteries: Modern Lessons from Historical Themes (2018) Investigating Family, Food, and Housing Themes in Social Studies (2017) Exploring Vacation and Etiquette Themes in Social Studies (2017) Author: Cynthia Williams Resor Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
    • Occupying Schools, Occupying Land: How the Landless Workers Movement Transformed Brazilian Education (Oxford University Press 2019) by Rebecca Tarlau https://global.oup.com/academic/product/occupying-schools-occupying-land-9780190870324?cc=us&lang=en&
    • Hello! I really appreciate the important work you’re doing, and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jared Horvath and I am a cognitive neuroscientist and lecturer at the University of Melbourne with a speciality in learning and memory. I have written a popular-science book that explores the neuroscience of learning and teaching. The book is called Stop Talking, Start Influencing: 12 Insights from Brain Science to Make Your Message Stick (publisher: Exisle Press, ISBN-10: 1925335909). I'm really excited about this book and think it'll really benefit educators, parents, and students. This is why I am writing - I was wondering if you might be able/willing to consider having a read of the book with the idea of possibly generating a review for Teachers College Record? In return, I'd be happy to write an article for you as well. Let me know your thoughts and, if you're keen, I'd be happy to send a copy or shoot over a digital PDF. Thank you in advance for your consideration - I truly hope to hear from you soon! All my best, Jared Horvath, PhD, MEd Lecturer - University of Melbourne Director - LME Global & Science of Learning Group
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