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Book Reviews
coverby Lisa J. Lucas
review by Keith Walters — 2018

coverby Ofelia García & Jo Anne Kleifgen
review by Liv Dávila & Rebecca Linares — 2018

coverby Milbrey W. McLaughlin
review by Thai-Huy Nguyen & Jalen Smith — 2018

coverby Michael A. Rebell
review by John Puckett — 2018

coverby Carol Booth Olson, Angie Balius, Emily McCourtney, Mary Widtmann, & Judith A. Langer
review by Bruce Collet — 2018

coverby Antero Garcia
review by Whitney Blankenship — 2018

coverby Jerome G. Delaney
review by Betty Malen — 2018

coverby Frank L. Cioffi
review by Sarah Beck & Scott Storm — 2018

coverby JoAnne Ferrara, Janice L. Nath, & Irma N. Guadarrama (Eds.)
review by Aaron Zimmerman — 2018

coverby James E. Rosenbaum, Caitlin E. Ahearn, Janet E. Rosenbaum, Janet Rosenbaum, Adam Gamoran
review by Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski — 2018

coverby Anthony J. Dosen & Barbara S. Rieckhoff (Eds.)
review by Martin Scanlan — 2018

coverby Geoffrey Galt Harpham
review by Mayme Huckaby, Cameron Potter & Stephanie Cole — 2018

coverby Peggy Daly Pizzo, Teresa Gonczy O'Rourke, & Ed Greene
review by Amy Corp — 2018

coverby Alison L. Bailey & Margaret Heritage
review by Lottie Baker — 2018

coverby Terri A. Scandura & Edwin Mouriño-Ruíz
review by Denver Fowler & Sarah Graham — 2018

coverby Greta Gorsuch & Dale T. Griffee
review by Gilda Martinez-Alba & Judith Cruzado-Guerrero — 2018

coverby Derek Bok
review by Christine Stanley — 2018

coverby Shelley Wong, Elaisa Sánchez Gosnell, Anne Marie Foerster Luu, & Lori Dodson (Eds.)
review by Bruce Collet — 2018

coverby Barry Chazan, Robert Chazan, & Benjamin M. Jacobs
review by Jeffrey Winter — 2018

coverby Jerlando F. L. Jackson, Lavar J. Charleston, & Cornelius K. Gilbert (Eds.)
review by Anna Ortiz & Brenda Estrada — 2018

coverby Iris C. Rotberg & Joshua L. Glazer (Eds.)
review by Anna Egalite & M. Daniela Barriga — 2018

coverby Zachary W. Oberfield & Jeffrey R. Henig
review by Jason Giersch — 2018

coverby Helen M. G. Watt, Paul W. Richardson, & Kari Smith (Eds.)
review by Kenneth Carano — 2018

coverby Victor C. X. Wang (Ed.)
review by Michelle Young — 2018

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Ball, Daisy and Nicholas Hartlep. Asian/Americans, Education, and Crime: The Model Minority as Victim and Perpetrator. 2018 (paperback). Lexington Books. This book explores the intersection of the "model minority" stereotype and Asian/Americans' criminal justice contact. Specifically, it engages with cases in which Asian/American students committed crimes on campus.
    • Mulvihill, Thalia M. and Swaminathan, Raji (2017). Critical Approaches to Life Writing Methods in Qualitative Research. Routledge Press. New York and London. https://www.amazon.com/Critical-Approaches-Writing-Qualitative-Research/dp/1138642991
    • Author: Tomoko Tokunaga Title: Learning to Belong in the World: An Ethnography of Asian American Girls Publisher: Springer Year: 2018 Book website: https://www.springer.com/gb/book/9789811084782
    • Alan C. Jones. The First 100 Days in the Main Office: Transforming a School Culture
    • Young, M. D., & Diem, S. (2017). Critical Approaches to Education Policy Analysis: Moving Beyond Tradition. London: Springer.
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