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coverby Stefan Collini
review by Daniel Davis 2018

coverby Charles T. Clotfelter
review by Dena Kniess 2018

coverby Marla Brettschneider, Susan Burgess, & Christine Keating (Eds.)
review by Matt Brim & Melissa Maldonado-Salcedo 2018

coverby Julie Warner
review by Kelly Johnston 2018

coverby Lynda R. Wiest, Jafeth E. Sanchez, & Heather Glynn Crawford-Ferre (Eds.)
review by Jamaal Young & Jemimah Young 2018

coverby Don Haviland, Anna M. Ortiz, & Laura Henriques
review by Lindsey Dippold 2018

coverby Eric E. Castro & Paul Totah
review by Scott Bailey & Maxwell Holmes 2018

coverby Hoaihuong "Orletta" Nguyen & Jeanne Sesky
review by Cynthia Cohen 2018

coverby Jessica T. Shiller
review by William Glenn 2018

coverby Terri N. Watson, Jeffrey S. Brooks, & Floyd D. Beachum (Eds.)
review by Adrian Barnes & Lisa Vernon-Dotson 2018

coverby Krista Griffin
review by Ashley Boyd 2018

coverby Alina Reznitskaya & Ian A. G. Wilkinson
review by Emily Reeves 2018

coverby Coby Meyers (Ed.)
review by Rachel Durham 2018

coverby Tanya Fitzgerald & Josephine May
review by Jackie Blount 2018

coverby Ozlem Sensoy, Robin DiAngelo, & James A. Banks (Ed.)
review by Sherry Deckman & Tanya Kinigstein 2018

coverby Geoff Marietta, Chad d'Entremont, & Emily Murphy Kaur
review by Carly Manion 2018

coverby Gavin W. Henning & Darby Roberts
review by Laura Dean & Jackie Clark 2018

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Young, M. D., & Diem, S. (2017). Critical Approaches to Education Policy Analysis: Moving Beyond Tradition. London: Springer.
    • Alan C. Jones: The First 100 Days in the Main Office: Transforming A School Culture
    • The Literacies of Design: Studies of Equity and Imagination in Engineering and Making Content: This book describes literacy-infused, design-based pedagogies that are oriented toward advancing equity in society. Publisher: Purdue University Press (forthcoming) Editors: Amy Wilson-Lopez, Eli Tucker-Raymond, Alberto Esquinca, Joel Alejandro Mejia Chapter Authors (in order of appearance): Salem Metzger, Alison Mercer, Heidi Carlone, Lynn Shanahan, Mary McVee, Katie Silvestri, Gabriel DellaVecchia, Annemarie Sullivan Palinscar, Alberto Esquinca, Lida Herrera-Rocha, Patricia Paugh, Kristen Wendell, Christopher Wright, Jessica Smith, Juan Lucena, Amy Wilson-Lopez, Karen Washburn, Indhira M. Hasbun, Michelle Jordan, Eli Tucker-Raymond, Brian Gravel, Susan Klimczak, Aditi Wagh, Ada Ren, Edna Tan, Angela Calabrese-Barton, Jasmine McBeath, Joi Duncan, Richard Duran, David Sanosa, Virginia Killian Lund, Nathan C. Phillips, Joel Alejandro Mejia, Renata Revelo
    • Dear book review team, The editors of this book have asked me to recommend it for review: Schuck, S., Aubusson, P., Burden, K., Brindley, S/Uncertainty in Teacher Education Futures: Scenarios, Politics and STEM https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9789811082450 Please contact me at nick.melchior@springer.com if you would like a copy. Kind regards, Nick
    • Swanson, P., & Hildebrandt, S. A. (Eds.). (2018). Researching edTPA Promises and Problems: Perspectives from English as an Additional Language, English Language Arts, and World Language Teacher Education. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
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