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coverby Christi Bergin
review by Suzanne Carothers — 2019

coverby Danielle Herro, Sousan Arafeh, Richard Ling, Chris Holden (Eds.)
review by Rohit Mehta & Punya Mishra — 2019

coverby Phoebe Jackson, Christopher Weaver (Eds.)
review by Christopher Boettcher — 2019

coverby Julie J. Park
review by Georgianna Martin — 2019

coverby Daisy Verduzco Reyes
review by Marcela Cuellar & Maira Pulido — 2019

coverby Janice Baines, Carmen Tisdale, & Susi Long
review by Arlette Willis, Melanie Kirkwood, Kendra Nalubega-Booker, Mohamed Nasir & Lourdes Bustos — 2019

coverby Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, Rena Subotnik.& Frank Worrell (Eds.)
review by Jennifer Ritchotte — 2019

coverby Michelle A. Massι & Nan Bauer-Maglin (Eds.)
review by aretha marbley — 2019

coverby Robert L. Hampel
review by Chris Osmond — 2019

coverby Bryan Smith, Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, Linda Radford, & Sarah Smitherman Pratt (Eds.)
review by Tamara Sniad — 2019

coverby Michael W. Apple
review by Eric Sheffield — 2019

coverby Lorna Hamilton & John Ravenscroft (Eds.)
review by Janice Fournillier — 2019

coverby Jason C. Garvey, Stephanie H. Chang, Z Nicolazzo, & Rex Jackson (Eds)
review by Stephanie Shelton — 2019

coverby Frederick M. Hess & Michael Q. McShane (Eds.)
review by Valarie Valentine & Lance Fusarelli — 2019

coverby Gary L. Anderson & Michael Ian Cohen
review by Amy Brown — 2019

coverby Marjorie Wechsler, David Kirp, Titilayo Tinubu Ali, Madelyn Gardner, Anna Maier, Hanna Melnick, & Patrick Shields
review by Miranda Lin — 2019

coverby Sam Wineburg
review by Nicole Mirra — 2019

coverby Tonya Huber & Philip S. Roberson (Eds.)
review by Stacie Pettit & Laura Rychly — 2019

coverby Walter C. Stern
review by Adah Ward Randolph — 2019

coverby Christina R. Carnahan & K. Alisa Lowrey
review by Lauren Delisio — 2019

coverby David T. Conley
review by Emilie Reagan — 2019

coverby Nicole Mirra
review by Lizabeth Cain — 2019

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • © 2018 Palgrave Mcmillan Psychologized Language in Education Denaturalizing a Regime of Truth Authors: Bekerman, Zvi, Zembylas, Michalinos
    • Title: There Has to be a Better Way: Lessons from Former Urban Teachers Authors: Lynnette Mawhinney and Carol Rinke
    • Amanda Godley and Jeffrey Reaser, Critical Language Pedagogy: Interrogating Language, Dialects, and Power in Teacher Education (Social Justice Across Contexts in Education)
    • Critical Language Pedagogy: Interrogating Language, Dialects, and Power in Teacher Education (Social Justice Across Contexts in Education) by Amanda Godley and Jeffrey Reaser. (I am now going to the section where I say I volunteer to review this book :))
    • James M. Magrini Plato's Socrates, Philosophy and Education. Springer Press, 2018. Education Philosophy Briefs Series.
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