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Russell, James E.

James E. Russell - 1957
Reflections on the White House Conference. The author assess the value of holding such a conference, the good it did, the questions it answered, and the questions it left unanswered.

James E. Russell - 1944
Remarks about Grace Dodge, V. Everit Macy, and Helen Hartley Jenkins.

James E. Russell - 1940
In developing the subject of educational psychology and in making it a fit study for students in all departments, Professor Thorndike has shaped the character of the College in its youth as no one else has done and as no one will ever again have the opportunity of doing. It may be too early to weigh properly the results of his work, but it is not too soon to give his friends and students this opportunity to pay their tributes to a man whose teachings already have a sure place in the history of education.

James E. Russell - 1931
THE main purpose of Teachers College is to train for leadership in the profession of education. As one of the higher levels of vocational education, the professional school aims to fit its students for expert service in a particular field.

James E. Russell - 1931
An appreciation of Frederick Gordon Bonser was presented in the form of an address by Dr. James E. Russell, Dean Emeritus of Teachers College, at a memorial service held in Milbank Chapel on Tuesday, July 21, 1931.

James E. Russell - 1927
IN RETIRING from the office which I have held for thirty years, I wish to express to the Trustees of Teachers College, to the President of the University, and to all my colleagues my sincere appreciation of their generous forbearance of my shortcomings and their unfailing support in every worthy undertaking.

James E. Russell - 1925
Forty years ago teaching in this country was either a trade or a calling; it could hardly be characterized as a profession.1 As a trade, it was taken up by those who found it an easier way to earn a living than by domestic service or farm labor.

James E. Russell - 1917
In these times of unparalleled storm and stress, when the traditions of centuries are crumbling and the ideals of civilization are being weighed in the balance of war, the patriots of every nation are giving anxious thought to the social order that shall arise from the present chaos.

James E. Russell - 1916
“To be great, you must be teachable, ready to learn, willing to take good advice, and wise enough to know where to go for the advice; then have tremendous courage, great perseverance, and that absolute self-forgetfulness that makes the followers of a great leader think not so much of the leader as of the cause.”

James E. Russell - 1916
The business man takes account of stock once a year in order to ascertain his financial standing. We who are engaged in professional pursuits would do well to follow the business man's example.

James E. Russell - 1915
Dedication of The Horace Mann School For Boys The new Horace Mann School for Boys, on the property of the College at West 246th Street, was completed in time for the opening of the Fall term, and on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 17, was formally dedicated in the presence, of a large number of alumni, patrons, and friends.

James E. Russell - 1903
The American school system, as a system, is defective in that its constituent parts are not sufficiently related to each other. In theory each grade is introductory to the grade next succeeding, and we pride ourselves on having an educational ladder reaching from the kindergarten to the university.

James E. Russell - 1902
The history of the Horace Mann School is interwoven with the history of Teachers College. During its early years the chief work of the College was the encouragement of industrial education, particularly for children who were attending the public schools of New York City. When the College definitely proposed to itself in the fall of 1887 the work of training teachers a school of observation and practice became at once a necessity.

James E. Russell - 1902
Professional training has for its aim the acquisition of the knowledge and skill required in professional service. The knowledge required relates to the ends to be attained, the nature of the materials to be worked upon, and the means and instruments to be employed; the required technical skill consists in the adaptation of the means to the given material and the use of the available instruments in such a way as to attain the desired ends.

James E. Russell - 1902
This is the program for the dedication of the Horace Mann School.

James E. Russell - 1902
Teachers College announces the appointment of Dr. Julius Sachs, New York City, to the professorship of Secondary Education. The department to which Dr. Sachs has been called is now fully established for the first time. A general course on Secondary Education has been offered during the past two years by Dean Russell and Professor Monroe, but the work has grown to such proportions that a full professorship is necessary.

Jesse D. Burks & James E. Russell - 1902
The Speyer School is in the center of a district rich in historical association and in contemporary interest. Between Harlem (now Washington) Heights on the north and Bloomingdale (now Morningside) Heights on the south, lies the Manhattanville depression, known in Colonial days as the "Hollow Way." At the foot of 130th street was a little cove in the Hudson River where the "landing" was located.

F. M. McMurry, T. D. Wood & James E. Russell - 1902
The aims of a school are mainly the qualities of character desired in it, and any school naturally possesses a large number of them. But there are always some qualities that are especially valued, and these necessarily take the rank of controlling purposes.

F. M. McMurry, C. H. Farnsworth, T. D. Wood & James E. Russell - 1902
The preceding discussion suggests the outlines of the curriculum desired. The two most prominent controlling ideas in the selection of studies and of topics under them are the requirements of society (including, of course, its ideals as well as its present practices) and the nature of children.

James E. Russell - 1901
The publication of a comprehensive outline of a course of study, such as is given in the current number of the RECORD, has-a distinct value in presenting to teachers a general survey of the field. It shows more clearly than can be shown in any other way the relations existing between the various stages of a school course;...

James E. Russell - 1900
The direction of popular education has, until very recent times, been universally considered the peculiar prerogative of the church. The entire school system of mediaeval Europe was dominated by the Roman Church. The universities, as first planned, were ecclesiastical establishments, defenders of the faith, foundations of the church for the higher education of the clergy.

James E. Russell - 1900
On October 31, 1754, during the reign of George II., His Majesty's Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Province were issued, incorporating " The Governors of the College of the Province of New York, in the City of New York, in America," and providing for the establishment of a College, to be known as " King's College," " for the instruction and Education of Youth in the Learned Languages and in the Liberal Arts and Sciences."

James E. Russell - 1900
Teachers College, founded in 1888 and chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York on January 12, 1889, became, by an agreement dated March 22, 1898, a part of the educational system of Columbia University.

James E. Russell - 1900
Teachers College is not a normal school, neither is it merely a university department of pedagogy. It ranks as a professional school for teachers, and in order to maintain this rank it must maintain University standards.

James E. Russell - 1900
The courses of study offered in Teachers College fall naturally into three groups: A. Graduate Courses: (1) A course for teachers in normal schools, and for principals, supervisors, and superintendents of schools. This course is intended to fit teachers of superior ability and of special academic attainments for the work of training teachers in colleges and normal schools, and for positions in the public-school service requiring a high degree of professional insight and technical skill.

James E. Russell - 1900
The educational administration of Teachers College is by departments, each of which has its own director (generally of professorial rank) and a full corps of instructors. The departments are as follows: Education, English, French, German, Greek, Latin, History, Biology, Geography and Geology, Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics, Kindergarten, Fine Arts, Domestic Art, Domestic Science, Manual Training, Music and Voice Training, and Physical Training.

James E. Russell - 1900
The College is situated on Morningside Heights between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway. This location is singularly fortunate. The main buildings of Columbia University, Barnard College, the Grant Monument, St. Luke's Hospital, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and the Academy of Design are in the immediate vicinity.

James E. Russell - 1900
This is a syllabus for Teachers College courses in education: national educational systems.

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