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International Journal of Educational Policies is a refereed, open access, international, biannual online-only journal that is policy-oriented and committed to promote debates about education policies and politics among academics, activists, and educators. This Call for Papers announces the forthcoming issues of International Journal of Educational Policies (IJEP) for 2021.
Global capitalist developments have influenced almost all education systems, and organisations like World Bank, OECD, and WTO intervened in the educational policies for the benefit of the capitalist institutions and capital owners against the common good and individuals’ personal, cultural and educational needs. The international treaties like GATS influence and force the national governments to rule by money-driven policies instead of rights-based policies, and they aim for competition and capital accumulation instead of solidarity and hence create more inequality instead of equity. However, in this general trend and pressure, there are a lot of good practices and resistant cases in education. These cases show us that hegemony of the neoliberal capitalist discourse can be broken by the counter discourse of the common good, critical pedagogy and resistant social justice movements’ educational practices. We know they are there and we should join their struggle and spread their words. The stories which show us every kind of national and international effort against cruel neoliberal and capitalist practices; and stories about the egalitarian, just, and critical education for all are welcome.
The manuscript submission to the Journal is year round. The focused theme and especially welcomed issues of the journal are given below but they are not limited to those. Manuscripts related with directly or indirectly educational policies are welcome. Both theoretical policy analysis papers and research papers with qualitative or quantitative data can be submitted for evaluation to be published. Racist, sexist, nationalist and every kind of discriminative language in the manuscripts will not be tolerated. This journal seeks to challenge thinking on the historical and current educational policies and what lies behind them. We look for submissions as original, provocative and critical as possible. Resistance culture that is being built worldwide against neoliberal policies will be the main interest for year 2021 issues of IJEP. We would be happy to publish country cases and also detailed case analysis for resistances to neoliberal policies and revolt examples to the inequalities on class, gender and race issues. General themes of the journal are educational policies in different countries, comparative educational practices, research methodologies related with analysis of education policies; ‘race’ and education, gender policies, special education policies, identities and inequalities in education, equity policies and practices in some cases, language policies, immigrants’ education and multicultural issues in education, emancipatory educational practices, lifelong learning policies, compulsory and post compulsory education, higher education policies, e- learning and distance education policies, politics of technology, transition policies, tracking in education, financing policies in education, information policies, ethics as a political education issue, art in education policies, commercialization and privatization in education, neo-liberalism and destruction of public education, and education in pandemics. All submissions will be peer reviewed. Those submissions accepted for publication will be published in International Journal of Educational Policies (IJEP), Vol. 15 with two issues.
Schedule for Publication Manuscripts:
Due date for this Call: September 30, 2021.
Publication of Accepted Manuscripts: Volume 15, Number 1-2
Notification of Evaluation: Two-three months after submission
Finalization and Publication of Accepted Papers is on August, 30, 2021 (Issue-1) on December, 30, 2021 (Issue-2).
Submission of Proposals: Author(s) may submit a constructed abstract proposal (300- 400 words) to the Editor Prof. Hasan H. Aksoy at aksoy@education.ankara.edu.tr or at hasanhaksy@gmail.com Structured abstracts may include aims/hypotheses, major method and analysis and pre-findings or conclusions of the manuscripts. Those whose abstracts are accepted will be formally invited to submit a full-length paper of 6000-7000 words. Author(s) can submit their manuscript electronically at http://ojs.ijep.info through registration as author with free admission. Manuscripts longer than advised word counts will be evaluated by editorial board according to their subject and method requirements. Detailed evaluations of peer reviews will be shared with the author(s). Considering the outcome of the blind peer reviews, Publication Board of the IJEP will decide on the final publication. For more information, visit the Journal’s web address: http://ojs.ijep.info


Dates: 1/8/2021 - 10/30/2021

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