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Examining Connections Between Teacher Perceptions of Collaboration, Differentiated Instruction, and Teacher Efficacy

by Yvonne L. Goddard & Minjung Kim
This study analyzes a statistically significant positive effect of teacher collaboration on teachers’ reported differentiated instruction use and in turn the influence of differentiated instruction on teachers’ sense of efficacy.
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Learnings From a Longitudinal Study of New Jersey Alternate Route and College-Prepared Elementary, Secondary English, and Secondary Math Teachers

by Karen Zumwalt, Gary Natriello, Judy Randi, Alison L. Rutter & Richard Sawyer
Taking stock, this article explores emerging themes common to the literature on alternate routes and unique contributions of this volume in relation to the recruitment, preparation, placement, and retention of teachers prepared in college-based and alternate route programs.
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Book Reviews

Teaching Hope and Resilience for Students Experiencing Trauma: Creating Safe and Nurturing Classrooms for Learning

by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, & Rachelle S. Savitz
reviewed by Hope Schuermann


Democracy at a Crossroads: Reconceptualizing Socio-Political Issues in Schools and Society

by Gregory L. Samuels & Amy J. Samuels
reviewed by Paul Parkison


A Paradise to Regain: Post-Obama Insights from Women Educators of the Black Diaspora

by Immaculée Harushimana, Mary Alfred, & R. Deborah Davis
reviewed by Joanne Dowdy


Education researcher Julie Cohen discusses her article, Challenges in Identifying High Leverage Practices. Watch and discuss this episode on Vialogues.

Research Note

The Potential of Alluvial Diagrams for Advancing Educational Research

by Bradley W. Davis & Erin Anderson
The purpose of this article is to illustrate the potential for alluvial diagrams to expand the impact and accessibility of educational research. In doing so, the authors provide two illustrative examples using different units of analysis and treatments of time.

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