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Using the Conceptual Change Model of Learning as an Analytic Tool in Researching Teacher Preparation for Student Diversity

by Douglas Larkin
This article demonstrates how the use of conceptual change theory as commonly applied to learning in science classrooms is an appropriate and valuable framework for understanding how teachers change their ideas about the pedagogical implications of student diversity.
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Moving Beyond Sinking or Swimming: Reconceptualizing the Needs of Beginning Mathematics Teachers

by Marcy B. Wood, Lisa M. Jilk & Lynn Webster Paine
This article explores the teaching challenges articulated by beginning mathematics teachers and argues that induction programs need to move from a focus on supporting new teachers who are flailing to a focus on supporting new teachers in addressing the subject-specific challenges of learning to teach.
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Book Reviews

On the Same Track: How Schools Can Join the Twenty-First-Century Struggle Against Resegregation

by Carol Corbett Burris
reviewed by Nicholas D. Hartlep


New Literacies, New Agencies?: A Brazilian Perspective on Mindsets, Digital Practices and Tools for Social Action In and Out of School

by Eduardo S. Junqueira & Marcelo E. K. Buzato
reviewed by Heather Casey


Teach For America and the Struggle for Urban School Reform: Searching for Agency in an Era of Standardization

by Katherine Crawford-Garrett
reviewed by Candice Dawson


Early Childhood Education for a New Era: Leading for Our Profession

by Stacie G. Goffin
reviewed by Donna Satterlee


Marketing Schools, Marketing Cities: Who Wins and Who Loses When Schools Become Urban Amenities

by Maia B. Cucchiara
reviewed by Corey Savage

This week, Professor Ronald Marx discusses his paper, Reforming Again: Now Teachers. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


Promoting Economic Literacy in K-12 Schools

by Anand Marri
This commentary advocates for the promotion of economic literacy to help foster an active and engaged democratic citizenry.

Annual Yearbooks for 2014

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record are pleased to announce the Annual Yearbooks for 2014.

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