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Recent American Interest in Soviet Education

by William H. E. Johnson — 1958
A discussion of America’s interest in Soviet progress and education.

American Education Through the Soviet Looking Glass

by George S. Counts — 1951
An understanding of the true nature of the Soviet Union and its tendencies is the first duty of all who love freedom in the world today. Without such understanding free societies may-perish everywhere, mowed down one by one by the ruthless sweep of Communist aggression.

The Politics of Soviet Education

reviewed by Alexander Dallin — 1960


Khrushchev's Proposals for Soviet Education

by George Z. F. Bereday & Richard Rapaez — 1958
There are real lessons to be learned in embattled American education from the verbatim report of Khrushchev's own appraisal of the difficulties that plague a formalistic educational system. What follows is a substantially abridged text of the two Khrushchev statements, reproduced from available translations but checked by the authors for accuracy against the original text in Russian as published in Pravda and Izvestia.

Education and Politics in the Soviet Union

by John L. Childs — 1957
A discussion of The Challenge of Soviet Education—a book from which one can gain indispensable knowledge of what the Communists have been about during the past four decades.

Higher Education and the Student of To-day: the Soviet Conquer the Higher School

by Nucia P. Lodge — January 22, 2008
Both professors and students in their overwhelming majority repudiated the Soviet Revolution. This was but natural. Bound by many mutual interests with the capitalist order and dependent upon it economically, the intelligentsia could hardly be expected to welcome to power a government determined on exterminating it as a class.

Soviet Educators on Soviet Education

reviewed by William W. Brickman — 1965


The Family's Role in Soviet Education

reviewed by Beatrice Beach Szekely — 1978


Stalinizing American Education

by Lawrence Baines — September 16, 2011
The similarities between contemporary American educational reform and Soviet educational reform of the 1930s are as striking as they are discomfiting.

Soviet Education Today

reviewed by George S. Counts — 1964

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