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Contact Intervention Programs for Peace Education and the Reality of Dynamic Conflicts

by Yaacov Boaz Yablon - 2007
Measuring the social relationships between Israeli Jewish and Arab students at the onset of contact intervention programs revealed that although the relationships between the groups are negatively based, they are neither stable nor monolithic. As a result, secondary rather than primary intervention strategies for peace intervention programs are suggested.

Contemplative Practices: Educating for Peace and Tolerance

by Clifford Hill, Akbar Ali Herdon & Zuki Karpinska - 2006
This article describes a course offered at Teachers College, Columbia University, which focuses on contemplative practices from various wisdom traditions in order to increase awareness of what they share and to encourage educators to view these practices as sources of peace and tolerance.

Making PeaceA Narrative Study of a Bilingual Liaison, a School, and a Community

by Donald F. Hones - 1999
Explores the role of a bilingual liaison in helping to foster understanding between schools and diverse communities

Neve Shalom / Wahat Al-Salam: A Jewish-Arab School for Peace

by Grace Feuerverger - 1998
An account of a peace education program for Jewish and Arab students.

Peace Education

reviewed by Samuel Totten & Toni Sills - 1989


Comprehensive Peace Education: Educating for Global Responsibility

reviewed by Samuel Totten & Toni Sills - 1989


Nicholas Murray Butler and the American Peace Movement

by Charles F. Howlett - 1983
This article follows the activities of Nicholas Murray Butler's involvement in the peace movement at the turn of the century. Butler, a college administrator, statesman, Republican politician, and friend of big business, belonged to the peace-through-internationalism approach and believed in working within the domestic system.

Buberian Learning Groups: Existentialist Philosophy as an Ariandne Thread for Education for Peace-A Final Report

by Haim Gordon - 1983
Existentialism holds both a promise and a threat for education. The author draws on philosophical insights to explain why Buberian Learning Groups in Israel, composed of Arabs and Jews, foundered after Israel invaded Lebanon.

Teaching Peace

by Richard J. Barnet - 1982
Information about nuclear weapons and their effects must be taught without imparting hopelessness and despair. Suggestions for teaching about the arms race from an historical perspective and about alternative security systemsinternational law, conventional weapons, nonviolent resistanceare given.

The Peace Movement Threat

by John M. Broughton & Marta K. Zahaykevich - 1982
The study of war, of human and material devastation, must be paired with moral judgment to guide action in the present toward the future. A threat emanating from the peace movement is forgetting the wrongs one's country has committed against other peoples.

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