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Crossing Boundaries: A Qualitative Exploration of Relational Leadership in Three Full-Service Community Schools

by Mavis G. Sanders — 2018
This article draws from the literature on cross-boundary leadership, relational leadership, and relational trust, and qualitative data from a multiple case study to explore the role of principals in the administration of full-service community schools.

Stereotypes, Images, and Inclination to Discriminatory Action: The White Racial Frame in the Practice of School Leadership

by Judith Toure & Dana N. Thompson Dorsey — 2018
In this article, authors draw from Feagin’s conceptual framework, the White racial frame (WRF), to analyze school leadership practice and ways in which the WRF emerges and shapes leaders’ work with teachers.

Holistic School Leadership: Development of Systems Thinking in School Leaders

by Haim Shaked & Chen Schechter — 2018
This study explores the development of holistic school leadership, an approach where principals lead schools through the systems thinking concept and procedures, over principals' different career stages.

In Translation: School Leaders Learning in and From Leadership Practice While Confronting Pressing Policy Challenges

by Eleanor Drago-Severson & Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski — 2018
This research examines how effective principals framed the pressing challenges confronted in their leadership practice (technical, adaptive or mixed), and in what ways, learning was implanted in their response.

Competing Priorities and Challenges: Principal Leadership for Social Justice along the U.S.–Mexico Border

by David Edward DeMatthews — 2016
This qualitative study explores one principal’s enactment of social justice leadership in the context of a high-performing elementary school located along the U.S./Texas–Mexico border. This article analyzes the unique interactions among a principal, school, and community; it also analyzes how emergent circumstances influence the way social justice challenges are identified, prioritized, and addressed by the principal.

The Influence of School Leadership on Classroom Participation: Examining Configurations of Organizational Supports

by James Sebastian, Elaine Allensworth & David Stevens — 2014
This article applies fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) to high school administrative and survey data to examine the relationship of school leadership and mediating organizational supports with students’ classroom participation. The study uses a configurational approach to examine combinations of supports that are associated with the varying levels of the outcome.

Central Office Leadership in Principal Professional Learning Communities: The Practice Beneath the Policy

by Meredith I. Honig & Lydia R. Rainey — 2014
This paper explores to what extent central office administrators lead meetings of principal professional learning communities in ways that promise to strengthen principals’ development as instructional leaders and the conditions that help or hinder administrators in the process.

Educational Leadership and Racism: A Narrative Inquiry into Second-Generation Segregation

by Jeffrey Brooks, Noelle Witherspoon Arnold & Melanie C. Brooks — 2013
Using a narrative research methodology, this study investigated the formal and informal ways that racism influences the practice of educational leadership in an urban high school. The study revealed that many decisions that should be based on professional educational information and judgment are instead influenced by racist and discriminatory assumptions. The article focuses on the inequitable leadership processes related to various human and instructional resources in the school.

New Opportunities for Principal Leadership: Shaping School Climates for Enhanced Teacher Development

by Eleanor Drago-Severson — 2012
This research identifies strategies that principals in high-, middle- and low-financial resource Catholic, independent, and public schools use to foster school climates that promote teacher learning and development.

A Framework for Rebuilding Initial Certification and Preparation Programs in Educational Leadership: Lessons From Whole-State Reform Initiatives

by Joseph Murphy, Hunter N. Moorman & Martha McCarthy — 2008
This article establishes a set of design principles and implementation strategies for rebuilding educational leadership preparation programs. The rebuilding framework is grounded in analyses of 54 university-based preparation programs, and scholarship and reform work on school leadership preparation over the last quarter century.

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