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Dewey's Laboratory School: Lessons for Today

reviewed by B. Jeannie Lum - 1999


The Dewey School as Triumph, Tragedy, and Misunderstood: Exploring the Myths and Historiography of the University of Chicago Laboratory School

by Thomas Fallace & Victoria Fantozzi - 2017
In this essay, the authors review the extensive literature on the Dewey School to argue that most accounts of the school relate at least one of three historiographical myths: the Dewey School as misunderstood; the Dewey School as triumph; and/or the Dewey School as tragedy.

John Dewey's Conundrum: Can Democratic Schools Empower?

by Aaron Schutz - 2001
This paper maps out John Dewey's vision of democratic education and concludes that while useful to educators it is ultimately inadequate to serve the needs of students living in a diverse and contentious society.

A Critique of Foundations

by Ferdinand Lundberg - 1939
AFTER one has finished reading Dr. Hollis's exhaustive study of foundation expenditures in the field of higher education, one is tempted to echo the editorial writer who, in 1909, commenting on Andrew Carnegie's gift to found a teachers' pension fund, said: "When a man sets a lump sum of $15,000,000 rolling around the country there is no knowing what it will do."

Progressive Education and the National Development in Japan

by Victor Kobayashi - 1967
The author presents the history of the rise and decline of progressive education in Japan. Consulting sources available to few American scholars, he tells a tale which will be new and fascinating for most of our readers. He traces the reaction against formalist, authoritarian education which accompanied Japan's emergence into "modernity" at the turn of the century, the swelling enthusiasm for the "new education," and the dramatic consequences this held for Japanese schools. Then, explaining the ambivalence with respect to progressivism which seemed to be a function of resurgent nationalism, he summarizes the wartime and post-war events which spelled the apparent end to the "new education" while modernization kept proceeding apace.

Whatever Happened to John Dewey?

by Joe R. Burnett - 1979
This essay ranges rather far and wide in discussing "whatever happened to John Dewey." I intend the use of the term essay in its etymological sense, a personal summing up of a state of affairs in a manner to be accepted only as exploratory and provisional, because I am convinced that most perspectives on the role of John Dewey in American education are very partial and/or very distorted.

Continuity in How We Think

by George Stanic & Dee Russell - 2002
In the article, we present a well-documented response to claims Richard Prawat made about John Dewey in two recent articles in the Teachers College Record (the first published in 2000, the second in 2001.) Focusing on Dewey's views on the role of the teacher, the place of aesthetics and ethics in inquiry, the form of concepts, and the generation of ideas, we conclude that Prawat's hypothesis of discontinuity cannot be sustained.

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