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Volume 120, Number 3 (2018)

by Glynda A. Hull & Emily A. Hellmich
Applying a qualitative research design and a cosmopolitanism theoretical frame, this article explores how schools in the United States and internationally are instantiating a global education.
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by Chong Min Kim, Kenneth A. Frank & James P. Spillane
This article examines whether or not teachers’ networks and their formal positions influence classroom composition.
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by Xiaoxia A. Newton, Rosario Rivero, Bruce Fuller & Luke Dauter
This paper focuses on a longitudinal and multilevel analysis of the differences between charter and traditional public schools in teacher turnover in terms of when, who, and under what context.
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by Pascale Benoliel & Anit Somech
This study extends knowledge about activities that facilitate school management team effectiveness. The authors discuss a distributive perspective to school leadership, acknowledging the new role of principals in enhancing school management team effectiveness and highlighting principals' internal and external boundary activities as fundamental.
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by Ansley T. Erickson & Andrew R. Highsmith
This article explores how the “neighborhood unit,” a school-centered planning concept popularized during the early twentieth century became an important mechanism for promoting racially segregated housing and schools.
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by Tricia Niesz, Aaron M. Korora, Christy Burke Walkuski & Rachel E. Foot
This article explores how educational researchers have addressed social movements in their scholarship. Reporting on an extensive review of the literature, it argues for a more united field of research on social movements and education, one that networks researchers from multiple fields of educational research who are not currently in conversation.
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by Sarah M. Stitzlein
This article challenges the recent shift toward teaching and measuring grit in schools by exposing its shortcomings and offering a more helpful and sustainable educational aim of pragmatist hope.
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by Jenna W. Gravel
This study explores how fifth grade co-teachers in an inclusive classroom promoted disciplinary thinking in English Language Arts among diverse learners by applying Universal Design for Learning.
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