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Volume 119, Number 11 (2017)

by Sandra Schamroth Abrams & Jayne C. Lammers
This article defines and illustrates features of belongingness visible in videogame spaces, highlighting how doing–being–valuing combinations help to contextualize participation. Underscoring the dynamics of hierarchical participation in interest-driven practices, this article has implications for understanding how youth (re)configure their social practices to seek inclusion by using and honing specialist language and behavior.
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by Derrick R. Brooms
This study uses Black male students’ narratives to investigate student–teacher relationships with their Black male teachers. Findings reveal that teachers engaged in “otherfathering” through their pedagogy, practices, and holistic care for students.
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by Lyle McKinney, Andrea Burridge & Moumita Mukherjee
Postsecondary certificates, a key component of career and technical education in the United States, have the potential to reduce poverty, put displaced workers back to work, and meet the changing demands of local labor markets. This study used a nationally representative data set to compare key educational outcomes of occupational certificate students across three postsecondary sectors: community colleges, public career and technical centers, and for-profit institutions.
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by Linn Posey
This ethnographic study examined the community experiences and family–school relationships of Black parents in a predominantly White suburb. The findings suggest a need to understand parents’ experiences and engagement within and across both school and community contexts, particularly for parents of color in predominantly White settings in which schools may mirror or compound the microaggressions they may experience in nonschool settings.
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by Sherry L. Deckman
This article presents two patterns in how novice teachers connect issues of race and classroom management. The first approach works to obscure issues of systemic racism, whereas the latter highlights such issues.
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by Kimberly Lechasseur
This study examines the ways in which district-community partnerships establish and sustain legitimacy with multiple constituencies over time.
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by Marcela Reyes & Thurston Domina
This study shows that students opt to take additional math courses when they are interested in math, consider themselves skillful in math, and have high college expectations. But the motivational predictors of math course enrollment vary with students’ initial math placement.
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by Jon Valant & Daniel A. Newark
This article compares what parents want from their children’s schools with what the U.S. public wants from public schools. It uses randomized experiments (some with nationally representative samples of respondents) to explore whether school choice reforms that empower parents might generate pressures on schools to pursue different goals and behaviors.
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