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Volume 119, Number 10 (2017)

by Alexandra E. Pavlakis, Peter Goff & Peter M. Miller
This article aims to explore the unique impacts of homelessness—above and beyond poverty—on students’ academic growth.
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by Dan Berebitsky & Christine Andrews-Larson
This study investigates how expertise and formal roles relate to who is sought for advice on mathematics instruction, as measured by centrality, in 30 urban middle schools.
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by Alice Ginsberg, Marybeth Gasman & Andrés Castro Samayoa
This article explores the contributions of minority serving institutions to the production of teachers of color. The authors lay the groundwork for research in this area and put forth an agenda for future research.
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by Sarah Ryan
This study examines whether group-level variability in the utility of parent social capital can help explain the recent finding that parent income and education confer greater benefits among White youth, relative to similar Hispanic youth, when it comes to 4-year college enrollment.
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by Leyla M. Pérez-Gualdrón & Janet E. Helms
We assessed a longitudinal model of cultural predictors and educational outcomes of social justice orientation in a national sample of Latina/o youths. We examined the longitudinal associations of school climate variables, language, social justice orientation, agency, community engagement, and educational outcomes.
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by Cameron Sublett & Michael A. Gottfried
This study seeks to identify the individual and institutional predictors of applied STEM course enrollment in high school. A secondary aim of the study is to explore how factors of applied STEM coursetaking are affected by when students choose to take these courses.
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by Jennifer Hauver James, Jessica F. Kobe & Xiaoying Zhao
The authors explore the role of trust in children’s approaches to deliberative dialogue with their peers.
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by Julie Renee Posselt, Kimberly A. Reyes, Kelly E. Slay, Aurora Kamimura & Kamaria B. Porter
This paper presents a yearlong case study of a graduate program that, for the last decade, has trained about 10% of the Black Ph.D.’s in physics nationally. The analysis invites education scholars to consider the boundaries that individuals and institutions negotiate and manipulate as part of their equity efforts.
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