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Volume 118, Number 9 (2016)

by Stuart S. Yeh
An analysis using a nationally-representative dataset suggests that raising test scores by one standard deviation (SD) would substantially reduce the probabilities that black, Hispanic, Asian, and white students would drop out of high school and would increase the probabilities that students would compile a rigorous high school record, complete algebra 2 in high school, enroll at a 4-year institution, and attain a baccalaureate degree.
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by Julie A. Marsh
This article uses a case study of the Los Angeles Public School Choice Initiative (PSCI) to demonstrate how the political dynamics of complementary and competing policy issues in the same local arena affected the form and fate of a district reform. Drawing on three years of data, it finds that the interaction of electoral politics and education reforms (charter expansion, decentralization, union reform, accountability, academic rigor, community empowerment), the actors strategically pursuing these goals, and the environment shaped policy adoption, implementation, and adaptation over time.
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by Soobin Yim, Mark Warschauer & Binbin Zheng
This case study attempts to understand the contemporary challenges of implementing the collaborative web-based tool and its accompanying opportunities, as well as the contextual factors for its implementation within the district.
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by Royce Kimmons
This mixed methods study explores the issue of adopting, adapting, and sharing of open educational resources in teacher practice and points out its potentials as well as barriers to diffusion that openness may face in light of economic and political realities of the classroom.
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by G. Sue Kasun
Drawing on three years of critical multi-sited ethnographic research, this article examines the ways of knowing of Mexican-origin transnational families whose primary residence was the Washington, DC area. The author examines the educational implications of their “chained knowing,” or being chained in their knowing to the Mexico–U.S. border and being chained as extended families and communities who cross and intersect with that border.
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by Rand Quinn, Carrie Oelberger & Debra Meyerson
We apply insights from recent scholarship on ideas as mechanisms for change to analyze the early diffusion of the charter management organization (CMO), a recent reform effort in the charter school movement. We argue that the CMO form benefited from and was advanced by widely held ideas underscoring the importance of scale.
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by Trynke Keuning, Marieke van Geel, Adrie Visscher, Jean-Paul Fox & Nienke M. Moolenaar
This study uses a social network perspective to explore how collaboration in 32 elementary schools in the Netherlands takes shape in the interactions among teachers as they engage in a data-based decision making reform project.
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by Ryan Wells, Gregory C. Wolniak, Mark E. Engberg & Catherine A. Manly
The study examines whether strategies commonly used by high school students for enhancing their chances of gaining college admissions may contribute to social inequality in postsecondary education. Results indicate that higher SES students are more likely to employ admission-enhancing strategies, and that this gap widened from the 1990s to the 2000s.
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