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Volume 118, Number 8 (2016)

by Jerusha Osberg Conner, C. Nathan Ober & Amanda S. Brown
This case study explores the factors that have impacted the effectiveness of Big City Youth Commission (BCYC). Using a critical theory lens, the authors find that adultism and internalized adultism have played a prominent role in limiting BCYC from achieving the goals laid out in its charter. Implications for youth councils and other youth voice initiatives are discussed.
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by J. Luke Wood & Robert T. Palmer
This study examines determinants of Black male students’ intent to transfer from a community college to a 4-year university. Using multinomial, multilevel modeling, this study finds that students whose primary goal was to transfer were more likely to be younger, have earned more credits, be non-first-generation, be full-time enrollees, have taken developmental education courses, and be engaged in active and collaborative learning.
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by Tina L. Heafner & Michelle Plaisance
This qualitative study explores how institutional structures and practices influence the opportunity to learn social studies for English learners. Through a series of interviews and observations, the researchers conclude that there are inequities in English learners’ access to social studies curriculum, resulting in long-term knowledge gaps in this marginalized content area.
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by Eric Parsons
This paper follows a cohort of initially high-performing Missouri students from grades 3 through 9 and examines whether attending a low-achieving school impacts their subsequent standardized exam scores and final grades.
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by David Edward DeMatthews
This qualitative study explores one principal’s enactment of social justice leadership in the context of a high-performing elementary school located along the U.S./Texas–Mexico border. This article analyzes the unique interactions among a principal, school, and community; it also analyzes how emergent circumstances influence the way social justice challenges are identified, prioritized, and addressed by the principal.
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by KerryAnn O’Meara
This qualitative study explores how men and women faculty at one research university thought about campus service differently and how their different orientations to campus service were influenced by gender and the gendered nature of their organization.
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by Fuyi Yang, Jianzhong Xu, Heping Tan & Ningjian Liang
This study examines empirical models of regulating homework motivation for Chinese high school students. Results from multilevel analyses indicate that at the class level, regulation of homework motivation is positively associated with homework interest, but negatively associated with teacher feedback. Explanations for and implications of these results are discussed in the context of theoretical frameworks and cultural influences.
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by Elizabeth J. Meyer, Anika Tilland-Stafford & Lee Airton
This article reports on the barriers and supports to creating positive learning environments reported in interviews with 26 Canadian educators who have worked with children who are transgender or gender-creative.
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