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Volume 118, Number 7 (2016)

by Girija Kaimal & Will J. Jordan
This paper examines data from a four-year study of a comprehensive incentives program for school improvement in 12 charter schools in a large urban school district.
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by Thomas M. Smith, Marisa Cannata & Katherine Taylor Haynes
This article details a mixed methods project focused on identifying the combination of programs, practices, processes, and policies that make some high schools in large urban districts particularly effective with low income students, minority students, and English language learners.
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by Leslie D. Gonzales & Aimee LaPointe Terosky
The aim of this research project is to study how faculty members across different types of institutions understand and define legitimacy with regard to their academic careers.
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by Heather Hebard
This comparative case study investigates the role of context in learning to teach writing in two university-based post-baccalaureate preparation programs. The author uses a cultural-historical theoretical lens to identify differences in teacher candidates' experiences within and across methods course and field placement activities, which were consequential for their learning.
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by Jan Nespor & Rick Voithofer
This paper examines how a large virtual school grows and prospers in spite of receiving consistently “failing” “grades” from the state. In answering, the article suggests that the school is not just a school and must be understood instead as part of a fundamental transformation in the nature of educational institutions.
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by Steven Z. Athanases, Betty Achinstein, Marnie Willis Curry & Rodney T. Ogawa
This study extends the "college-going culture" literature by providing a bilevel examination of organizational dimensions of efforts at an urban public charter school to promote Latina/o students' college-going.
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by Noli Brazil
In a review of 42 neighborhood effects studies on youth-related outcomes conducted in the the 1990s, Leventhal and Brooks-Gunn find that only two articles examined neighborhoods and schools simultaneously. This paper updates their reviews, explores why it is important to consider neighborhoods and schools in combination and uses data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health to empirically examine the effects of studying one context but ignoring the other.
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by Curt M. Adams, Patrick B. Forsyth , Jordan Ware & Mwarumba Mwavita
This study evaluates the information significance of Oklahoma A–F school accountability grades relevant to the policy objective of achievement equity.
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