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Volume 118, Number 6 (2016)

by Ivory A. Toldson & David J. Johns
This is the epilogue to the special issue. The authors, two White House officials and policy experts, describe how negative narratives surrounding Black men and the misuse of data can manifest as barriers to high quality learning environments or workforce development opportunities.
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by Joseph Derrick Nelson
This study employs a relational teaching framework to examine the learning relationships among teachers and a full cohort of eighth-grade Black boys (N = 27) at a single-sex middle school for boys of color in New York City. In-depth interviews from a critical ethnography conducted at the school-site (during the 2011–2012 academic year) culled boys’ narratives of their teacher-student relationships, in order to illustrate how specific relational teaching strategies supported Black boys’ engagement and learning.
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by Terry K. Flennaugh
The article examines academic self-concept with two academically high-performing Black male high school students through the conceptual and methodological tool of identity mapping.
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by Chezare A. Warren, Ty-Ron M. O. Douglas & Tyrone C. Howard
This article outlines the imperative for strengths-based research to counter deficit perceptions and perspectives of Black males in contemporary discussions of their school achievement in the United States. The importance of young Black men and boys' voice in shaping research agendas, practice, and public policy is argued followed by a brief overview of the papers featured in the special issue “Erasing the Deficits: ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ and Contemporary Perspectives on Black Male School Achievement.”
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by Bryan K. Hotchkins
This article examines the ways in which African American male students navigate racial microaggressions while attending a culturally diverse high school.
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by Kenneth Alonzo Anderson
This study examines the relationships between teacher sorting practices, course enrollment patterns, extracurricular activities, and student outcomes for high-achieving Black males in high school.
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by Shaun R. Harper & Christopher B. Newman
This article is about Black undergraduate men’s academic adjustment experiences in the first college year. It is based on a study of 219 achievers at 42 colleges and universities across 20 states in the United States.
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by Ty-Ron M. O. Douglas & Noelle Witherspoon Arnold
Drawing on a larger oral history project, this paper reports the findings of a secondary narrative analysis of a Black Bermudian male to provide an in-depth understanding of his in-school and out-of-school educational experiences, identity construction and success.
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by Chezare A. Warren
Students describe teacher availability and academic expectations (instructional supports), as well as community building, social networking, and personal affirmation (social supports) as important aspects of their academic preparation for postsecondary success. More significant is how practitioners use an understanding of Black male’s resilience for design and implementation of instructional and social supports.
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by Tyrone C. Howard, Ty-Ron M. O. Douglas & Chezare A. Warren
This brief presents the most significant recommendations based on a review of key findings from research presented in this special issue. The authors offer what they believe to be the most important considerations of what works for improving Black male school achievement in the domains of research, practice, and policy.
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