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Volume 118, Number 11 (2016)

by Eric D. Rackley
Situated within social and cultural perspectives of literacy and motivation, this study examines religious youths’ personal motivations for reading complex, religious texts such as the Bible and the Book of Mormon by looking closely at the connections among their literacy practices, religious ideologies, and the expression of their religious identities.
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by Andrea B. Nikischer, Lois Weis & Rachel Dominguez
In this article we explore the ways in which the work of counseling departments in two different school environments shape students’ STEM participation in high school, with important potential consequences for STEM in college and beyond.
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by Hua-Yu Cherng
In this study uses a nationally representative sample of high schoolers to examine patterns of teachers communicating with parents. Even after considering measures of student behavior and academic performance, the author finds that patterns of contact between mathematics and English teachers and parents are consistent with stereotypes that teachers may subscribe to of different racial/ethnic and immigrant groups.
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by Jolley Bruce Christman, Caroline B. Ebby & Kimberly A. Edmunds
This article focuses on how teachers make sense of classroom-embedded data in professional learning communities in ways that lead to improvement in mathematics instruction. The case study illustrates the developmental nature of one teacher’s growth and the important roles of dissonance, collegial discussion, and productive dissonance in that process.
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by Becky H. Huang & Alison L. Bailey
The current study focuses on the long-term English language outcomes of a sample of first-generation child immigrants from Asian, specifically Chinese, ethnic backgrounds.
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by Mark Berends & Kristi Donaldson
This paper examines differences in students’ mathematics test score gains between charter and traditional public school classrooms, focusing on the distribution and organization of students into ability groups between sectors. Grounded in market and institutional theory, our multivariate analyses reveal that the increasing inequality in mathematics gains between high- and low-ability as well as between mixed- and low-ability students is a pattern that is prevalent not only in traditional public schools, but in charter schools as well.
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by Ying Huang, Brendan Cantwell & Barrett J. Taylor
This study analyzed the 2006 administration of the U.S. National Science Foundation’s Survey of Doctorate Recipients to examine how multiple identities shape the reasons for doctoral recipients to work as postdocs. The analysis found that the interaction of race and foreign-born status were particularly influential in shaping the reason individuals’ chose to work as a postdoc.
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by Julie Cohen, Lorien Chambers Schuldt, Lindsay Brown & Pamela Grossman
This mixed-methods study investigates a model of professional development built around a standardized classroom observation tool designed to measure the quality of teaching in middle school English Language Arts classrooms.
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