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Volume 117, Number 9 (2015)

by Edward Buendía & Paul Humbert-Fisk
This article reports on a mixed method study that examined the interplay of political, fiscal and demographic dynamics that contributed to the split of a large, U.S., suburban school district.
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by Sarah J. Selmer, Melissa J. Luna & James A. Rye
The purpose of this research is to seek insights into teachers’ experiences as they implement garden-based learning. Our results add to existing frameworks describing the relationship between the teacher and the curriculum specifically in the garden-based learning context.
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by Kristen Campbell Wilcox , Hal A. Lawson & Janet Angelis
This article describes practices that distinguish elementary schools whose ethnically and linguistically diverse students consistently exceed expectations on English language arts assessments. Results of the multicase study show that higher achievement correlates with policies and practices that are coherently supported and sustained across classroom, school, and district levels.
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by Jeff Frank
This article develops the significance of James Baldwin’s thinking for teacher education. In particular, the article develops Baldwin’s thinking on three interrelated themes: white innocence, fear, and love. The article concludes by arguing that Baldwin’s thinking—particularly his thinking on love—should be given more sustained attention by educators, especially teacher educators.
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by Se Woong Lee, Sookweon Min & Geoffrey P. Mamerow
This paper examines the influence of students’ self-efficacy and expectation, as well as the expectation and encouragement they received from parents and high school teachers on their decisions to major in, complete a degree, and pursue a career in STEMM.
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by Anne Traynor & Allison E. Chapman
To allay public concerns that state exit examination mandates might unfairly hinder some students’ educational attainment prospects, most states with exam requirements offer alternative routes to graduation for all students. This study probes the relationship between various exam difficulty-alternative route policy combinations and the subsequent attainment outcomes of tenth-graders.
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by Laura Quaynor
This paper draws on a comparative case study of six classrooms in two International Baccalaureate schools to highlight conflicting teacher practices related to global education.
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by Eleanor S. Fulbeck & Meredith P. Richards
In this study, authors use data from 2006 to 2010 to examine the impact of school-based financial incentives on patterns of teacher mobility, focusing on teachers' strategic moves.
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