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Volume 117, Number 6 (2015)

by David E. Meens & Kenneth R. Howe
This article examines the NCLB Act and its underlying reform agenda of increased “accountability” and “choice” in light of its consequences for education policymaking and democratic education.
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by Ben Kirshner & Antwan Jefferson
We synthesize scholarship about participatory democracy, youth–adult partnerships, and thirdspace in order to develop guiding principles for an inclusive and democratic approach to improving schools.
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by Tina Trujillo & Michelle Renée
This article evaluates the tensions with democratic education inherent in the federal School Improvement Grant program’s market-based school reforms. The paper culminates in a set of recommendations that are intended to re-center the purposes of public education for low-income students, students of color, and local communities in developing more equitable, democratic school turnarounds.
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by John Rogers, Chris Lubienski, Janelle Scott & Kevin G. Welner
This article tracks the emergence of parent trigger policies, considers the political and financial forces that have supported the parent trigger movement, and examines evidence concerning the potential of this approach for improving schools, empowering parents, and enhancing democracy.
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by Larry Cuban
This commentary answers two questions: (1) Do the articles in this issue make the case that the democratic principles and practices the authors champion have been damaged by the standards-based, testing, and accountability regime of the past three decades? and (2) In light of the historical absence of these principles and practices in mainstream U.S. public schools, why raise these arguments now?
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by Harvey Kantor
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by Tina Trujillo & Kenneth R. Howe
Introduction to the special issue of Teachers College Record
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