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Volume 117, Number 5 (2015)

by Kenneth Zeichner & César Peña-Sandoval
This article analyzes the role of venture philanthropy in shaping teacher education policies in the United States, with a particular focus on the role of the New Schools Venture Fund in promoting the Growing Excellent Achievement Training Academies for Teachers and Principals Act.
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by Thai-Huy Nguyen & Marybeth Gasman
This is a historical study of the formation and role of the Vietnamese student organizations at the University of California, Irvine from 1980 to 1990.
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by Chandra Alston & Michelle T. Brown
This study investigated the intellectual challenge of typical writing tasks and the intellectual quality of student work in classrooms of higher and lower value-added middle school English language arts teachers to understand what value-added modeling might capture in terms of writing instruction.
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by Craig Peck, Kimberly Kappler Hewitt, Carol A. Mullen, Carl A. Lashley, John A. Eldridge & Ty-Ron M. O. Douglas
This study explores how the confluence of promising instructional technology innovations and digitally driven youth culture affected the experiences of students in two southeastern United States high schools.
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by Megan M. Holland
This article examines how students negotiate the “college-for-all” norm in two diverse, high-achieving high schools. The findings indicate that in these contexts, the norm was interpreted as “four-year college-for-all,” leading to the development of a stigma surrounding two-year community college attendance.
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by Christy Galletta Horner, Tanner LeBaron Wallace & Matthew J. Bundick
This study explores youths’ perspectives on school-based emotional expression, emotional suppression, and emotion coaching in urban high schools.
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by Tova Michalsky & Bracha Kramarski
The goal of this study was to examine how preservice science teachers may capitalize on learning from different types of reflection prompts based on the IMPROVE self-questioning model oriented toward technological pedagogical content knowledge in order to enhance their design of technology-infused science lessons for students and to allow them to develop their own self-reflection abilities.
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by Kathleen Nolan
This article develops the concept and provides an illustrative portrait of teachers’ care-based resistance practices in the context of neoliberal school reform. Data presented come from a critical ethnographic study of policy enactment in an urban high school experiencing high levels of school reform.
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