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Volume 117, Number 2 (2015)

by Dennis J. Barr, Beth Boulay, Robert L. Selman, Rachel McCormick, Ethan Lowenstein, Beth Gamse, Melinda Fine & M. Brielle Leonard
This article reports on a randomized controlled experiment examining the impact of a professional development intervention that helps teachers foster students’ historical thinking skills, social and ethical reflection, and civic learning.
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by Jennifer F. Samson & Nonie K. Lesaux
Using data drawn from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Kindergarten Cohort 1998-99, this study reports on differences between language minority (LM) and non-language minority students in their home backgrounds and their teachers’ characteristics in kindergarten, first-, third-, and fifth- grade, generating a comprehensive national picture of the multiple disadvantages that LM students face in schools.
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by Gregory J Palardy
This study examines the degree to which teachers and classroom context contribute to achievement gaps that develop during first grade.
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by Cory A. Buxton , Ale Salinas, Margarette Mahotiere, Okhee Lee & Walter G. Secada
Using a conceptual framework that draws upon two distinct research traditions (experimental research in developmental and cognitive psychology, and research on culturally and linguistically diverse learners from sociocultural perspectives), this study reports on the scientific reasoning complexity, controlled experiment practices, and science content knowledge of 81 4th grade bilingual learners who were taught using a reform-based science curriculum developed specifically to support bilingual students.
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by Danielle E. E. Forest, Kasey L. Garrison Garrison & Sue C. C. Kimmel
This article explores portrayals of social class in international, translated literature for children. The authors outline a framework for analyzing class in children’s literature and suggest that books with global origins may provide complex and realistic images of issues related to class.
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by Curt M. Adams, Patrick B. Forsyth , Ellen Dollarhide , Ryan Miskell & Jordan Ware
This study advances self-regulatory climate as a social resource for student self-regulation and achievement.
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by Abby Reisman
This study explored how teachers and students in five 11th-grade classrooms participated in whole-class discussion, using intervention materials designed to promote text-based disciplinary discussion. Analysis of videotaped instruction sought to (a) determine the degree to which the instructional materials fostered disciplinary discussion about texts, and (b) analyze teacher talk moves that characterized effective facilitation of such discussions.
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by Alison Cook-Sather
In the context of a program that pairs undergraduate students and college faculty members in semester-long partnerships to explore and revise pedagogical practices, this discussion offers an invitation to reframe both how we conceptualize differences of position, perspective, and identity, and how we think about our relationships with others in higher education.
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