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Volume 116, Number 3 (2014)

by Annalee G. Good, Patricia Ellen Burch, Mary S. Stewart, Rudy Acosta & Carolyn Heinrich
This paper examines the character and quality of instruction in afterschool tutoring programs mandated under No Child Left Behind. It draws upon a mixed-method, longitudinal study to examine the nature of the instructional setting to suggest reasons for a lack of significant effects on academic achievement.
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by Claire Robertson-Kraft & Angela Duckworth
This article explores how biographical data on grit, a disposition toward perseverance and passion for long-term goals, explains variance in novice teachers’ effectiveness and retention.
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by Hua-Yu Cherng, Kristin Turney & Grace Kao
We use the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002, a nationally representative sample of high school sophomores, to examine patterns of social engagement in friendships and extracurricular activities among racial/ethnic minorities and immigrant adolescents. Results show that racial/ethnic minority adolescents, as well as first- and second-generation adolescents, are less engaged in friendships than their third-generation White counterparts, and there is no clear pattern of advantage or disadvantage in extracurricular activity participation.
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by Timothy J. Lensmire
This article examines the social production of racial identity for four White men and explores how their racial identities were dependent on relations with real and imagined racial others.
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by Christy Wessel Powell
This research uses survey and interview data to examine viewers’ reactions to the film Waiting for “Superman.” Audience members include teachers, pre-service teachers, and other educational stakeholders.
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by Charles A. Peck & Morva A. McDonald
In this article, documented accounts of evidence-based program renewal in two teacher education programs are interpreted through the lens of Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT).
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by Michael A. Gottfried
In evaluating the deleterious effects of missing in-school time, empirical research has almost exclusively focused on absences, and the scant amount of empirical literature on tardiness has focused on academic achievement. Hence, this study contributes novel insight in two capacities: the effects of tardy classmates and the effects on socio-emotional outcomes.
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by Sultan Turkan, Luciana C. De Oliveira, Okhee Lee & Geoffrey Phelps
The synthesis of the current literature presented in this paper provides an important starting point for identifying the knowledge that regular classroom teachers will need to develop in order to address the learning needs of their ELL students. The paper identifies Disciplinary Linguistic Knowledge (DLK) as a specialized knowledge base needed by teachers and teacher educators and proposes that DLK be required in order to model for ELLs how language is used to communicate meaning and to engage them in disciplinary discourse.
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