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Volume 116, Number 10 (2014)

by Chenoa S. Woods & Thurston Domina
This study evaluates the relationship between access to school counselors and several critical indicators of student transitions between high school and college.
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by Susan Moore Johnson, Stefanie K. Reinhorn, Megin Charner-Laird, Matthew A. Kraft, Monica Ng & John P. Papay
This interview study focuses on the role that teachers play in identifying and addressing the challenges faced by their high-poverty urban schools. We found that teachers grant their principal considerable discretion in setting the initial reform agenda but ultimately grant or withhold support based on whether their principal’s approach to teacher leadership has been inclusive or instrumental.
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by Elizabeth Covay Minor
Teachers' perceptions of students' academic ability vary significantly by the race of the student. This study examines how students' test scores and teacher reports of students' social and behavioral skills explain black-white differences in teacher perceptions of students' academic ability. Using teacher fixed-effects models and the ECLS-K data from the fall and spring of kindergarten, this study finds that racial differences in teachers perceptions of students' academic ability are mostly explained by test scores, teacher reports of students' social and behavioral skills, and teachers' perceptions of academic ability from the beginning of the year. Behaving well at the beginning of the school year is especially important for teacher perceptions of black students' academic ability.
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by Barbara Meyers, Teresa R. Fisher, Monica Alicea & Kolt M. Bloxson
University faculty and Teach For America personnel codesigned a multiyear qualitative examination of their joint enterprise of developing urban teachers to promote equitable educative opportunities for all children. Analysis indicates the challenges and possibilities of collaborations through (a) contract negotiation, (b) communication, (c) procedural and pragmatic congruence, (d) response to constituent needs, and (e) creation of an authentic and sustainable partnership.
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by Matthew Ronfeldt, Nathaniel Schwartz & Brian A. Jacob
Using nationally-representative data, this study finds that teachers who completed more methods-related coursework and practice teaching felt better prepared and were more likely to stay in teaching. These positive relationships were similar across preparation routes and tended to be greater among graduates from competitive colleges, males, mathematics and science teachers, as well as teachers in urban, rural, and secondary schools.
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by Paul G. Fitchett, Tina L. Heafner & Richard Lambert
In an era of educational accountability, elementary social studies is at risk of increased marginalization as it competes for instructional time with English/language arts, math, and science. This quantitative study incorporated multilevel modeling to examine the association among elementary practitioners’ sense of instructional autonomy, teaching context, and state-level testing policies on reported social studies instructional time.
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by Adrianna Kezar & Daniel Maxey
This article examines major stakeholder’s beliefs in higher education related to the changing faculty—moving to largely non-tenure track. Through the use of the policy Delphi method, we document four distinctive belief systems of a future faculty model among key stakeholders and describe the implications for educational policy.
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by Nicholas A. Bowman & Dafina-Lazarus Stewart
This article explores the extent to which students’ precollege exposure to racial/ethnic difference within schools, neighborhoods, and friendship groups predicts their complex racial attitudes upon entering college.
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