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Volume 115, Number 5 (2013)

by Thomas F. Luschei, Amita Chudgar & W. Joshua Rew
In this study we use rich cross-national data to examine the distribution of teacher qualifications across two countries, Mexico and South Korea. We find that on average, the distribution of qualified teachers in South Korea is skewed toward disadvantaged children, while Mexican teachers tend to be distributed in a way that favors more advantaged students.
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by Joshua Klugman
From 2000 to 2002, the state of California attempted to expand access to Advanced Placement subjects for students attending public schools. This study shows this intervention succeeded in expanding the AP curricula and enrollments at disadvantaged schools; however, schools serving affluent communities broadened their AP offerings at the same (if not faster) rate, resulting in effectively maintained inequalities in AP access.
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by Chantal Francois
In this article, I draw on observations and interviews to depict one urban secondary school’s independent reading efforts that resemble a literacy-focused community of practice. This research reconceptualizes our understanding of effective instructional practices for adolescents, emphasizing a multidimensional approach that highlights the role of reading as a social activity.
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by Jal Mehta
This article considers three movements across the 20th century that sought to reform schools through standards, tests, and accountability, identifies similarities in the ways in which higher status epistemic communities have been repeatedly able to purvey technocratic logics that overwhelm a weakly professionalized educational field, and suggests that educators need to organize themselves into a stronger profession if they want to improve outcomes and free themselves from the whims of external actors.
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by Martin Scanlan & Peter Miller
This study examines the genesis of a neighborhood educational opportunity zone: a geographically defined area where a disproportionately large population of traditionally marginalized children and families are clustered and resources are intensely focused to respond to the concomitant needs. Guided by sociocultural learning theory, we examine how communities of practice influence the learning among the adults in a neighborhood educational opportunity zone.
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by Raquel Farmer-Hinton, Joi D. Lewis, Lori D. Patton & Ishwanzya D. Rivers
This article critiques the caricaturization of urban communities and their schools as places where students and community members lack agency and resources. Instead, through narrative inquiry, the authors reveal the community cultural wealth that they were exposed to as K-12 students in East St. Louis, Illinois.
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by Joshua M. Cowen & Jacob Fowles
This article presents a case study of teacher bargaining contracts over a 30-year historical period. Examining several areas of current interest, including salary schedules, transfer and assignment policies, teacher evaluation, dismissal, and working conditions, the analysis reveals very little change in more than three decades.
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by Laura Desimone, Thomas M. Smith & Kristie J.R. Phillips
This is a three-year longitudinal study that links teacher participation in content-focused professional development in mathematics to the use of particular types of instruction, and then examines links between those types of instruction and student achievement.
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