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Volume 115, Number 10 (2013)

by Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ryan S. J. D. Baker & Lisa Rossi
We compared levels of off-task behavior exhibited by students using educational software in the Philippines and the United States. We found that students in the Philippines exhibited significantly less off-task behavior and more gaming the system than students in the United States.
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by Jianzhong Xu & Jianxia Du
The study examines empirical models of variables posited to predict students’ motivation management in online groupwork.
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by Mark A. Bautista, Melanie Bertrand, Ernest Morrell, D'Artagnan Scorza & Corey Matthews
This article presents a case for the importance of engaging youth as active researchers and narrators in their educational experiences through the Council of Youth Research, a youth participatory action research (YPAR) program. When given the tools and support to unpack their experiences with critical research methodologies, youth move from the peripheral to the center by becoming lead agents and advocates for their school community.
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by José Felipe Martínez, Lucrecia Santibanez & Edson E. Serván Mori
This study used three large datasets to investigate links between immigration and educational quality and opportunity in México. Results suggest opportunities afforded to individuals in schools can be consequential for immigration decisions and patterns.
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by Phillip L. Ackerman, Ruth Kanfer & Charles Calderwood
We examined admissions and transcript records for first-year students at Georgia Tech from 1999-2009. Patterns of AP exams completed and AP exam performance were evaluated to determine the associations between AP and graduation rates, STEM persistence, and enrollment patterns—in isolation and in conjunction with traditional predictors (e.g., SAT and High School GPA).
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by Stuart Greene
This research reframes the roles that low-income African American parents play in their children’s lives and challenges deficit perspectives of parent involvement.
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by Gloria Crisp
This study measures the impact of co-enrollment on community college success outcomes. Results demonstrate co-enrolling significantly increases students’ odds of success.
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by Randi N. Stanulis & Susan K. Brondyk
This article analyzes the complexities involved in learning to mentor, by considering how role identity and context influence two mentors as they experience the same professional development program.
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