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Volume 114, Number 8 (2012)

by Francesca A. López
This article presents an investigation of the degree to which teachers’ instructional support and emotional warmth contributed to reading achievement for a sample of predominantly at-risk students in upper elementary grades. Cross-level interactions indicate that emotional warmth was particularly salient for English language learners in dual language immersion, whereas instructional support moderated the relationship between developmental bilingual education and reading achievement.
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by Douglas Larkin
This article demonstrates how the use of conceptual change theory as commonly applied to learning in science classrooms is an appropriate and valuable framework for understanding how teachers change their ideas about the pedagogical implications of student diversity.
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by Marcy B. Wood, Lisa M. Jilk & Lynn Webster Paine
This article explores the teaching challenges articulated by beginning mathematics teachers and argues that induction programs need to move from a focus on supporting new teachers who are flailing to a focus on supporting new teachers in addressing the subject-specific challenges of learning to teach.
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by Elizabeth Glennie, Kara Bonneau, Michelle vanDellen & Kenneth A. Dodge
This article examines the relation between school-level academic performance and dropout rates under North Carolina’s accountability system. Using data on every public school student in the state over an 8-year period, we examine (1) the relation between changes in academic performance and the subsequent dropout rate, and (2) the relation between changes in the dropout rate and subsequent performance.
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by Erik Malewski, Suniti Sharma & JoAnn Phillion
In this article, we examine how international field experiences promote cross-cultural awareness in U.S. American preservice teachers through experiential learning. The findings we present are based on a 6-year study of a short-term study abroad program in Honduras and contribute to the effort to prepare future teachers for culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms beginning at the preservice level.
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by Marcy Singer-Gabella
This article draws on philosophical and empirical inquiries into the nature of practice, practical reasoning, and scholarship to argue that, given the goal of improving teacher education practice, scholarship about the work is not sufficient. Rather, we also must cultivate a form of scholarship that models and makes visible the interplay of reasoning and action that underlies skilled practice—what the author calls “scholarship in practice.”
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by Tamara Holmlund Nelson, David Slavit & Angie Deuel
A conceptual framework for understanding and supporting the development of an inquiry stance in collaborative teacher inquiry groups is presented.
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by Okhee Lee & Jaime Maerten-Rivera
The study examined change in teachers’ knowledge and practices while participating in a 5-year teacher professional development intervention that was designed to improve science instruction while supporting literacy development of English language learning students from Grades 3–5 in the context of accountability policy in science. The results from the questionnaire (what teachers reported) and classroom observations (what teachers were observed doing) indicated some improvements in teachers’ knowledge and practices in teaching science to ELL students over the intervention.
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