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Volume 114, Number 7 (2012)

by Mieke Van Houtte & Dimitri Van Maele
This article examines students’ sense of belonging in secondary schools offering different tracks and the role played by the faculty’s trust in the students.
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by Jianzhong Xu, Linda T. Coats & Mary L. Davidson
This study examines the perspectives of 8 exemplary African American elementary teachers toward science homework.
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by Tina Wildhagen
This study finds a larger stock of unrealized academic potential among African American high school seniors than their White counterparts. The results show that teachers and schools play important roles in this racial gap in the realization of academic potential.
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by Steven Z. Athanases, Juliet Michelsen Wahleithner & Lisa H. Bennett
Student teachers in a teacher credential program featuring teacher inquiry evidenced many indicators of attention to the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students in their inquiry products and processes.
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by Marybeth Gasman & Adriel Hilton
This article explores the laws and legislation pertaining to historically Black colleges and universities using Derrick Bell’s notion of interest convergence—the idea that most Whites will only accommodate the interests of Blacks in achieving racial equality when it is in the best interest of middle- and upper-class Whites.
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by James L. Lewis, Robert K. Ream, Kathleen M. Bocian, Richard A. Cardullo, Kimberly A. Hammond & Lisa A. Fast
We document that caring elementary school teachers spark Hispanic student self-perception of math ability, which in turn increases Hispanic student performance on the California Standards Test for Mathematics. Caring especially impacts math performance among Spanish-dominant English learners, who constitute the fastest growing segment of California’s K–12 student population.
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by Stuart Rojstaczer & Christopher Healy
College grades can influence a student’s graduation prospects, academic motivation, postgraduate job choice, professional and graduate school selection, and access to loans and scholarships. Despite the importance of grades, national trends in grading practices have not been examined in over a decade, and there has been a limited effort to examine the historical evolution of college grading. This article looks at the evolution of grading over time and space at American colleges and universities over the last 70 years. The data provide a means to examine how instructors’ assessments of excellence, mediocrity, and failure have changed in higher education.
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