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Volume 114, Number 5 (2012)

by Debra Miretzky & Sharon Stevens
This paper presents survey results from rural U.S. teacher education programs regarding the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education diversity standard. Results illustrate the struggles programs experience given their institutional, demographic, and cultural specificities, and reflect rural teacher educators’ emphasis on socioeconomic status and exceptionalities as priorities for teacher preparation.
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by Elli P. Schachter & Inbar Galili-Schachter
The article introduces the concept of identity literacy—readers’ proficiency and willingness to engage the meaning systems embedded within texts and to consider adopting them as part of their own personal meaning system. The article describes a study of teachers implicitly guided by the goal of teaching students to read texts in this manner.
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by Beverly M. Gordon
This article focuses on the lived experiences of middle-class African American male students attending affluent White suburban schools. The findings reveal that although these young Black males were confronted with disillusionment and conscious and dysconscious racism on the part of students and school staff, they were nevertheless resilient and resolute in their determination for academic and athletic success.
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by Ed Brockenbrough
This article presents an analysis of Black male teachers’ perspectives on workplace gender politics with women colleagues and administrators. The findings shared in this article point to several important considerations for teacher education programs and urban school districts that are interested in supporting Black male teachers’ negotiations of gendered power dynamics in the teaching profession.
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by Russell Skiba
The core hypotheses and presumptions of modern research on racial difference are not new, but spring from a two-century-old program of research that has sought to demonstrate racial differences in socially valued traits.
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by Kimberly A. Griffin
In this study, social exchange frameworks are used to frame and explore the influence of mentoring and student interaction on Black faculty productivity. Findings indicate that in addition to considering frequency of student interaction, understanding the structure of the mentoring relationships that faculty form can improve understanding of faculty outcomes.
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by Gülseli Baysu & Karen Phalet
This study demonstrates the role of positive intergroup relations with peers and teachers in enabling students, especially minority students, to stay on in school.
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by Wayne Au
This article addresses ongoing political and epistemological tensions within the field of curriculum studies through the development of a conceptual framework the author calls “curricular standpoint,” a framework that itself is an extension critical of feminists’ standpoint theory.
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