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Volume 114, Number 4 (2012)

by Marylin J. Chambliss, Patricia A. Alexander & Jeremy N. Price
This analytical article focuses a philosophical lens on quality teaching in general, mathematics and reading education, and prominent research paradigms. It then turns the same lens on the High-Quality Teaching (HQT) study, an examination of what teachers do to help fourth- and fifth-grade students succeed in reading and mathematics. Our intent is to demonstrate how such philosophical scrutiny can lead to a fuller understanding of high-quality teaching in its varied manifestations.
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by Robert G. Croninger, Daria Buese & John Larson
This article discusses three challenges associated with the study of teaching quality: striking a balance between complexity and simplicity in the portrayal of teaching, addressing the potential conditional nature of what constitutes quality teaching, and appreciating the multiple perspectives by which quality teaching might be judged. We describe our own attempts to address these challenges in a longitudinal study of reading and mathematics instruction in fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms in moderate- to high-poverty schools, provide a mixed-methods analysis to demonstrate the conditional nature of quality in teaching, report our results, and discuss implications for future studies of teaching.
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by Anna O. Graeber, Kristie J. Newton & Marylin J. Chambliss
This article explores challenges in seeking to characterize and compare high-quality mathematics and reading instruction. Using the construct of cognitive demand, we share data illustrating the challenges and our attempts to overcome them.
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by Linda Valli, Robert G. Croninger & Daria Buese
This article examines ways in which the accountability context influences teaching, and explores the challenges these influences pose for research on teaching. We focus on three core dimensions of teaching: who is the teacher, is teaching practice stable or changing, and what constitutes teaching quality. Policy influences on these areas challenge researchers to specify more carefully who is responsible for teaching whom, maintain flexibility in data collection, retain research participants across years, and examine alternative conceptions of quality teaching.
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by Robert G. Croninger, Linda Valli & Marylin J. Chambliss
This paper introduces the special issue on Teaching Quality
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