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Volume 114, Number 3 (2012)

by Mary M. Juzwik, Michael B. Sherry, Samantha Caughlan, Anne Heintz & Carlin Borsheim-Black
Using emerging digital technologies within a teacher education pedagogy emphasizing expanded definitions and modes of literacy can support teacher candidates in understanding, leading, collaboratively critiquing, and improving classroom interactions across diverse contexts. We describe and theorize a program-wide project to implement such a pedagogy in secondary English teacher preparation: Video Based Response and Revision (VBBR).
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by Susan Auerbach & Shartriya Collier
This article describes how educators transferred high-stakes accountability pressures from the classroom to an intervention program for immigrant parents of lower achievers. Though the program did not influence student test scores in reading as intended, the program had unintended benefits that underline the importance of a relational approach to parent involvement programs.
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by Adam Laats
This article explores the ways American conservatives have sought to revise the history of American education to bolster their vision of what education should be. The historical vision of four postwar activists—Milton Friedman, Max Rafferty, Sam Blumenfeld, and Henry Morris—is examined in detail.
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by Yongmei Ni
Using data from the 2003–2004 Schools and Staffing Survey, this article compares teacher working conditions in charter schools and traditional public schools through propensity score matching and weighted hierarchical linear modeling.
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by Mikyung Kim Wolf, Jenny C. Kao, Nichole M. Rivera & Sandy M. Chang
This article investigates the accommodation policies and practices for English language learners on large-scale, standards-based mathematics assessments.
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by Eleanor Drago-Severson
This research identifies strategies that principals in high-, middle- and low-financial resource Catholic, independent, and public schools use to foster school climates that promote teacher learning and development.
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by Kevin J. Dougherty, Rebecca S. Natow & Blanca E. Vega
This article analyzes why half the states that have adopted performance funding for higher education later abandoned such funding. The analysis is based on case studies of three states that abandoned performance funding in whole or in part (Missouri, Washington, and Florida) and one that has maintained it for more than 30 years (Tennessee).
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by Daniel Chazan & Patricio Herbst
This article introduces two-dimensional video-based animations of fictional classroom interactions as a new kind of video image for representing classrooms. The authors suggest that this addition to the existing repertoire for representing practice can support conversations about tactical and strategic dimensions of the work of teaching in ways that overcome some of the limitations of usual video footage.
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