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Volume 114, Number 2 (2012)

by Nathan Jones & Peter Youngs
The increasing number of districts implementing mentoring and induction programs suggests that policymakers are aware of the need to increase the support available to new teachers. The argument underlying many of these programs is based, at least partly, on assumptions about beginning teachers’ emotional responses to their work. While considerable research has studied the effects of induction programs, this article aims to address how beginning teachers’ affective experiences seem to impact their career plans.
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by Clifford Hill
I was invited to give the annual lecture that honors Lawrence Cremin, the historian of American education at Teachers College, Columbia University. To pay tribute to the way in which Cremin used an academic discipline to bring rigor and depth to educational research, I described the way in which I used an academic discipline—linguistics and its varied tools of discourse analysis—to conduct research at the College.
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by Michael Knoll
This article explores the origins of the Project Method by reconstructing William H. Kilpatrick’s celebrated paper of 1918.
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by Philip W. Jackson
This article presents a critical analysis of Dewey’s two editions of How We Think.
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by Margaret A. Nash & Lisa S. Romero
This article analyzes the national discourse surrounding women’s higher education during the Depression of the 1930s. It focuses on eugenics and the need for education for good citizenship as rationales for women’s education.
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by Christopher Emdin & Okhee Lee
The purpose of this article is to move beyond the existing research on science education by utilizing an ongoing study to interrogate hip-hop culture, its relation to the “Obama effect,” and the role of hip-hop culture in creating new possibilities for urban youth in science.
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by Noah E. Borrero, Christine J. Yeh, Crivir I. Cruz & Jolene F. Suda
This sequential, multi-informant, ecological study explores schools as a context for “othering” and for promoting cultural assets. A Native Hawaiian sample is used to highlight specific practices with “othering” and unique cultural strengths that give voice to the experiences of marginalized youth.
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by Cheryl J. Craig
Conducted in the fourth-largest urban center in the United States, this research depicts how different reform initiatives were introduced to one middle school context over the decade from 1999 to 2009. The article focuses on teachers’ experiences of three reform endeavors and how tensions in teacher knowledge and community developed as a consequence of each.
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