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Volume 111, Number 2 (2012)

by Danny Bernard Martin
This article provides a critical analysis of the way that race has been addressed in extant mathematics education research, policy, and practice.
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by Edward Fergus
This article outlines findings from a qualitative study of 17 low-income Mexican and Puerto Rican high school students of different skin colors. The article focuses on the findings surrounding the interplay of internal and external identification based on skin color as it relates to educational experiences.
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by Barbara Applebaum
The purpose of this project is to analytically assess the charge of “liberal bias” as it is specifically leveled at those who make social justice education a requirement of higher education, and especially teacher education.
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by Victor Nolet
This article explores sustainability as an emerging paradigm for preservice preparation of teachers.
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by Dorothy E. Finnegan & Adrienne E. Hyle
As a result of personal experience and professional observations, our initial interest was to ascertain to what extent expertise is associated with rank. We assumed that assistant professors are by no means novices, rather, that they are less expert than professors. We wondered if explicit and differentiated expertise behaviors associated with the three primary ranks could be identified. In other words, to what extent is the acquisition of expert skill related to the progression through academic rank?
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by Anita M. Varrati, Mary E. Lavine & Steven L. Turner
The major research questions for this study were: (1) What are the level and types of support that building principals provide for the preparation of new teachers? (2) What are the obstacles that may be preventing principals from becoming more involved with teacher preparation? (3) What are the types of activities that make sense for principal involvement with field experience and student teaching? (4) What are suggestions for more meaningful collaboration between schools and teacher/administrator preparation programs?
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by Jennifer King Rice, Christopher Roellke, Dina Sparks & Tammy Kolbe
This article presents a three-dimensional typology designed to organize and analyze the array of teacher policies across education systems. We developed the typology using data from a national scan of teacher policy, and we tested and refined this tool using data from multilevel, nested case studies of teacher policy in three states: Maryland, New York, and Connecticut.
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by Margaret R. Olson & Cheryl J. Craig
In this article, we offer atypical, noncanonical “small” stories as accounts of ways in which teachers and students live in small moments of diversity unseen and unheard within prevailing meganarratives of accountability.
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by Marjorie R. Wallace
Using multiple data sets and structural equation modeling, this work finds that professional development has moderate effects on teacher practice and very small but sometimes significant effects on student achievement when the effects of professional development are mediated by teacher practice. In spite of differences in samples, academic subjects, and assessments, the effects of professional development on teacher practice and student achievement persist and are remarkably similar across analyses.
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