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Volume 114, Number 12 (2012)

by Eleanor Drago-Severson
This study offers insights into how 25 principals from public, private, and Catholic schools with varying levels of financial resources (i.e., high, medium, and low) renew themselves and prevent burnout, crucial for 21st-century school leaders.
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by Michele Gregoire Gill & David Boote
In mathematics education and beyond, various “cultural” arguments have been used to explain teachers’ resistance to change, yet these meanings of culture are often conflated. This article uses three distinct conceptions of culture—individual, interactional, and collective—to analyze the practice of one experienced mathematics teacher.
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by Jennifer Keys Adair, Joseph Tobin & Angela E. Arzubiaga
Our comparative, multivocal ethnographic study of teachers in five U.S. cities in a number of early childhood settings suggests that immigrant teachers often experience difficulty applying their cultural knowledge to the education and care of young children of immigrants because they face a dilemma between their pedagogical training and their cultural knowledge; between the expectations of their fellow teachers and of parents; and between the goals of being culturally responsive to children, families, and their community and being perceived as professional by their fellow teachers and their superiors. This article details this dilemma and then focuses on how immigrant teachers’ funds of knowledge and power need further attention.
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by Michael A. Gottfried
This investigation derives four quantifiable measures of school quality and subsequently tests them in an empirical model that relates school-level inputs to school-level outputs. By conducting this analysis on a longitudinal, school-level data set of all 175 elementary schools within the School District of Philadelphia, this research provides new evidence that a range of school-level inputs has a significant relationship with school quality.
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by Mimi Engel
This article provides nationally representative information about the prevalence of late teacher hiring and examines the association between the timing of teacher hires and teacher qualifications.
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by Kathryn A. McDermott, Elizabeth H. DeBray & Erica Frankenberg
This article analyzes the direct and indirect effects of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Parents Involved in Community Schools decision, including subsequent litigation and developments in local and federal policy-making.
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by Brianna L. Kennedy-Lewis
This cross-case analysis examines teacher practices at one school created by legislative mandates to serve expelled students. Findings show that in this context, teachers’ implementation of rapport-building, instructional practices, and classroom management are not only important but mutually reinforce or undermine each other.
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