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Volume 113, Number 9 (2011)

by Gail Richmond, Mary M. Juzwik & Michael D. Steele
This article provides narrative accounts of three secondary teacher candidates with different subject matter specializations moving along identity trajectories in various contexts and with varying difficulties. Understanding and untangling these complexities from a narrative perspective can help teacher educators (TEs) to deliberate about situations in which teacher candidates (TCs) face trouble for reasons that are hard to characterize. This perspective on teacher identity development can also help teacher educators make critical, consequential, and morally weighty judgments as they foster the developing identity trajectories of TCs.
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by Sara Hennessy, Neil Mercer & Paul Warwick
This article describes the innovative methodology underpinning a collaboration between university researchers and teachers working together to analyze and develop theory and practice concerning classroom dialogue in the context of technology use. Implications for wider use and adaptation of our coinquiry process and the substantive outcomes are also discussed.
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by Katie Davis
In this article, the author uses the qualitative method of portraiture to explore the tension between the promises and perils associated with digital media in the context of one college student’s daily experiences. The author considers the developmental and social implications of growing up in a digital era, as well as opportunities for educational intervention.
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by Nienke M. Moolenaar, Alan J. Daly & Peter J. C. Sleegers
This study examines the influence of teachers’ social network structure on their school’s innovative climate. Findings from an empirical study in 53 Dutch elementary schools suggest that the density of teacher networks is positively related to schools’ innovative climates. Moreover, this relationship could be partially explained by increased shared decision-making across the school.
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by Edward F. Pajak
Social and psychological underpinnings of education reform in the United States are explored in light of conceptual formulations related to narcissism and narcissistic parenting. Elements of an alternative education policy more focused on the developmental needs of students are proposed.
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by Anthony L. Brown
This article historically documents the social science and educational literature about African American males from the 1930s to the present. While providing an overview of these historical periods, this study also focuses on how these discussions have helped to construct a stable and fixed narrative about African American males.
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by Meenal Rana , Desirée Baolian Qin , Laura Bates, Tom Luster & Andrew Saltarelli
The present article uses the risk and resilience framework to understand educational resilience and factors affecting educational attainment of unaccompanied Sudanese minors, who were resettled with American foster families. Given their limited prior educational experience and the new challenges that these youth faced in their new homeland, it would be logical to assume their educational failures in the U.S. schools. In contrast, most youth were able to finish high school. We explored the factors that helped Sudanese youth to excel in schools.
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