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Volume 113, Number 8 (2011)

by Michael A. Gottfried
This research examined the effects of classroom peer absences on student-level standardized test performance in urban elementary schools. The effects of missing school were proved to be harmful to the individual and his or her peers.
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by Ben Kirshner & Kristen M. Pozzoboni
This qualitative study, based on youth participatory action research, discusses counternarratives articulated by students in response to the closure of their low-performing urban high school.
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by Morva A. McDonald, Kersti Tyson, Kate Brayko, Michael Bowman, John Delport & Fuyu Shimomura
In this article, the authors share findings from a longitudinal study of one teacher education program’s community-based learning innovation. The work examines the ways in which partnerships with community organizations can add to the resources available to candidates as they prepare to become teachers in diverse urban schools.
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by Peter Smagorinsky
This article combines a narrative inquiry into the experience of living with Asperger’s syndrome with a research review on issues related to mental illness and educational inclusion to argue that attention to neuroatypicality ought to be considered in a cultural consideration of multicultural and inclusive education.
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by Duck-Joo Kwak
This article explores an unjustly neglected humanistic approach to teacher education by showing how Stanley Cavell’s practice of ordinary language philosophy can be reformulated as a pedagogical practice in the essay form.
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by Na’ilah Suad Nasir, Amina Jones & Milbrey Wallin McLaughlin
This article examines the nature of school connection in an urban high school and argues for the importance of disentangling interpersonal connection from institutional connection. Findings show that these two aspects of connection were important for achievement and identity outcomes and that they operated quite differently in the school context and were supported by the social and institutional context of the school.
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by William R. Doyle & Alexander V. Gorbunov
The authors use a panel data set covering all 50 states from the years 1969–2002 to investigate the growth of community colleges. They find that community college expansion was driven in large part by changes in state populations, while growth was slowed by competition from other institutions.
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by Elizabeth Graue & Erica Johnson
The goal of this article is to broaden the understanding of what it means for schools and teachers to be held accountable for student learning and to discuss how different accountability frameworks affect instructional practices in classrooms. We take a practice-oriented perspective on assessment, examining how assessments in schools that participated in a class size reduction program intersected with forces of accountability. Building on three years of data collection in 27 classrooms in nine schools, data were generated through multiple methods, including ethnographic observations, interviews, administration of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), document and artifact collection, and analyses of school-level standardized test scores. We identify and discuss three aspects of assessment practices that affect this intersection: alignment, audience, and action.
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