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Volume 113, Number 7 (2011)

by Mark Windschitl, Jessica Thompson & Melissa Braaten
We tested the hypothesis that first-year teachers could take up forms of ambitious pedagogy under the following conditions: 1) that reform-based practices introduced in teacher preparation would be the focus of collaborative inquiry throughout the first year of teaching, 2) that participants use analyses of their students’ work as the basis of critique and change in practice, and 3) that special tools be employed that help participants hypothesize about relationships between instruction and student performance.
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by Magdalene Lampert, Timothy A. Boerst & Filippo Graziani
This article examines the collective use of social, intellectual and material resources by teachers in a school as a framework for understanding how teaching toward ambitious learning goals is consistently maintained across classrooms, time, and varieties of students.
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by Okhee Lee, Randall D. Penfield & Cory A. Buxton
The study examined the relationship between the “form” (i.e., conventions, organization, and style/voice) and “content” (i.e., specific knowledge and understanding of science) of expository science writing among third grade English language learners in the beginning and at the end of each year during the three-year implementation of an instructional intervention.
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by Matthew Militello, Jason Schweid & John Carey
The purpose of this study was to identify specific strategies that schools employ to raise college application and attendance rates for low-income students.
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by Esther Prins
Drawing on data from a qualitative, longitudinal study, this article explores how former adult literacy participants in rural El Salvador conceptualized the cultural model of educación, a model encompassing academic knowledge and social competence. The article identifies how adults understood the meanings of and pathways to educación, its relationship with schooling and print literacy, and implications for research and practice.
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by Peter Youngs, Nathan Jones & Mark Low
This article explicates differences in the curricular, instructional, and role expectations experienced by beginning special and general education elementary teachers. It also documents variations in how novices from both groups addressed expectations they encountered.
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by Spyros Konstantopoulos
This study uses high-quality data from Project STAR to examine whether teacher effects predict student achievement in early grades. Teacher effects are defined as teacher-specific residuals adjusted for student background and class size effects. Findings indicate that teacher effects in early grades are useful predictors of mathematics and reading achievement through the third grade.
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by Charles Dorn
By comparing and contrasting the civic functions adopted by and ascribed to Bowdoin College and Stanford University during their founding decades, this study contends that the social ethos guiding colleges and universities’ institutional priorities, as well as students’ reasons for engaging in higher learning, changed between 1794 (the year of Bowdoin’s founding) and 1885 (the year Stanford was established), resulting in a modification of what we might today call higher education’s institutional mission.
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