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Volume 113, Number 5 (2011)

by Heather Carter, Audrey Amrein-Beardsley & Cory Cooper Hansen
Teach For America (TFA) graduate students evaluated their method course instructors significantly lower than did traditional students on an end-of-semester student evaluation instrument. This prompted faculty researchers to investigate how to best meet the needs of these alternatively certified teachers. Implications include suggestions for restructuring teacher preparation programs to best meet the needs of TFA first-year teachers, whose work impacts some of the highest needs students in the country.
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by Laura W. Perna & Patricia E. Steele
This article uses data from descriptive case studies of 15 high schools in five states to explore students’ perceptions and expectations of student financial aid and the contextual forces that influence these perceptions and expectations.
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by Valerie Lundy-Wagner & Marybeth Gasman
Although the historical and contemporary contributions of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to educating college-going African American students are well documented, such analysis often neglects to highlight the male student role or perspective. This article presents a review and critique of past and contemporary HBCU research focusing explicitly on African American men, with the hope of recentering the gendered dialogue.
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by Lynley H. Anderman, Carey E. Andrzejewski & Jennifer Allen
This article describes the results of an observational study conducted with 4 high school teachers identified by their students as providing supportive motivational and instructional contexts in their classes.
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by Zvi Bekerman & Michalinos Zembylas
A rich ethnographic analysis of a classroom event that shows the emotional complexities encountered by Palestinian and Jewish teachers and students in Israel when dealing with conflicting historical narratives.
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by Dongbin Kim & John L. Rury
Focusing on students aged 19 and 20 who lived with their parents and commuted from home, this study examines the shifting patterns of college access from 1960 and 1980, when commuters became the largest category of beginning college students. Using various sources of information, including data from IPUMS and NCES, this study finds that for most American youth, going to college appears to have remained a solidly middle- and upper-class phenomenon, even in commuter institutions.
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by Peter M. Miller
This study qualitatively examined how issues of social capital were perceived to influence the education of homeless students in an urban context.
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by Bree Picower
This article examines the strategies that new elementary school teachers develop to stay true to and implement their visions of teaching for social justice in the neoliberal context of urban schools.
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