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Volume 113, Number 3 (2011)

by Barbara Beatty
From an historical perspective, I compare teachers' reactions to two, long-lasting forms of scripted instruction, the Froebelian kindergarten and Montessori, with two widely used modern scripts, Direct Instruction and Success for All, and focus especially on the role of theory and research, teacher training, and teachers' assessments of effectiveness. I ask how these factors may influence teacher autonomy, fidelity, and resistance and what some implications may be for teacher education today.
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by Sarah Machiels Bennison
Americanizing the West: Protestant and Catholic Missionary Education on the Rosebud Reservation, 1870–1920 challenges the dominant story of Protestant and Catholic conflict by illustrating the critical role that mission schools played in creating denominational consensus in the West. Protestant and Catholic missionaries cast aside their differences as they worked toward common goals to “civilize,” Christianize, and “Americanize” natives on reservations like Rosebud.
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by Thomas Fallace
This historical study traces the influence of John Dewey on the discourse of civic and social education during the formative years of the progressive education movement.
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by Shauna L. Shapiro, Kirk Warren Brown & John A. Astin
In the present review of recent empirical research, the authors point to ways by which meditation may complement the traditional goals of the academy by helping to develop traditionally valued academic skills as well as help to build important emotional and interpersonal capacities that foster psychological well-being and the development of the “whole person.”
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by Jianzhong Xu
This study tests empirical models of variables posited to predict homework emotion management at the secondary school level. The study further examines the linkage between homework emotion management and homework completion.
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by Eric M. Camburn & Seong Won Han
This paper presents a summary of generalizable evidence on classroom instruction from nineteen large scale surveys conducted during the past 20 years. The summary identified significant gaps in the evidence, found considerable evidence of low-SES students receiving diminished learning opportunities than more affluent peers, and found repeated evidence of a positive association between six instructional activities and student achievement.
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by Jennifer Zoltners Sherer & James Spillane
This case study describes how the development and implementation of organizational routines can enable planned change in a school, examines ways in which an organizational routine, once implemented, can serve as a source of constancy in a school’s work practice, and explores the ways in which an organizational routine enabled continuous change while simultaneously serving as a source of constancy in work practice.
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by Motoko Akiba
This study conducted pre- and post-surveys of 243 pre-service teachers in a teacher education program to examine the relationship between characteristics of teacher preparation for diversity reported by pre-service teachers and changes in their beliefs about diversity in personal and professional contexts, controlling for their background characteristics. The study found that three characteristics of teacher preparation for diversity: 1) classroom as a learning community, 2) instructor modeling constructivist and culturally-responsive teaching, and 3) field experience for understanding diverse students were significantly associated with positive changes in pre-service teachers’ beliefs about diversity in both personal and professional contexts.
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