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Volume 113, Number 12 (2011)

by Julian Vasquez Heilig
This study examines the impact of high-stakes exit testing on English learners (ELs) in Texas. Quantitative and qualitative data suggest that high-stakes exit assessments have led to higher EL dropout and lower graduation rates.
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by Doris A. Santoro
This article introduces a category of teacher attrition that is rooted in the moral and ethical aspects of teaching: principled leavers. The study looks at how 13 former teachers weigh the competing responsibilities of what they consider good teaching in relation to their responsibilities to society, the profession, their institutions, students, and themselves.
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by Fabienne Doucet
This article examines immigrant parent agency in negotiating boundaries around home and school, presenting the possibility that families play an active and deliberate role in creating distance between the worlds of home and school.
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by Lisa D. Garcia & William G. Tierney
This article examines the challenges that undocumented immigrant college students encounter when transitioning to postsecondary institutions. The synthesis of research reveals two significant challenges—developing relationships and financing an education—and provides a recommended research agenda.
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by Scott Baker
This article examines the role that African American educators played in initiating, supporting, and sustaining the civil rights movement in the South.
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by Jason G. Irizarry
This article reports the findings of an ethnographic study in which a cohort of Latino/a preservice teachers was followed from the teachers’ recruitment into college, through their undergraduate years and, for most, their eventual transition into the teaching profession. Using critical race theory (CRT) and Latino/a critical race theory (LatCrit) as analytic lenses, various sites within an institution of higher education where students experienced racialized marginalization are identified.
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by Pamela Grossman
In this introduction to a special section on teaching practice, Pam Grossman introduces the ideas from the original study on teaching practice that inspired the work in teacher education described in the articles that follow. She describes the constructs of the representation, decomposition, and approximation of practice and how these help us understand more deeply how professional practice is taught.
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by Timothy A. Boerst, Laurie Sleep, Deborah Loewenberg Ball & Hyman Bass
Leading mathematics discussions requires both substantial teaching skill and mathematical knowledge that is usable in teaching. This article focuses on the conceptualization and design of mathematics teacher education that aims to support novices in learning to proficiently enact such teaching practices. Drawing on the elements of Grossman et al.’s (2009) framework for pedagogies of practice in professional education, we describe an approach to analyzing teaching practice that supports the design of teacher education in which novices to learn how to engage in leading a mathematics discussion and simultaneously develop a sense of why the work is done.
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by Pamela A. Moss
Building on Grossman and colleagues’ (2009) framework for analyzing and comparing practices of professional education in terms of representations, decomposition, and approximations to support professional educators’ learning, I argue for the importance of including “conceptions of quality” in the analysis of professional education practice and for tracing novices’ learning opportunities as they unfold over time. I illustrate the argument by comparing approaches to teaching novice teachers to lead discussions in literacy and mathematics.
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by Linda Kucan, Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar, Tracy Busse, Natalie Heisey, Rachel Klingelhofer, Michelle Rimbey & Kristine Schutz
This article describes the application of the theoretical framework developed by Grossman and her colleagues to the practice of teaching text-based discussion. Specifically, we used the framework to develop a set of modules, resources for teacher educators, that provided representations of text-based discussion, decompositions of the planning for such discussions, and opportunities for teacher candidates to approximate the practice of enacting text-based discussions.
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