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Volume 113, Number 11 (2011)

by Henry Braun, Irwin Kirsch & Kentaro Yamamoto
This article describes a randomized field trial conducted to estimate the impact of modest monetary incentives on performance on a version of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 12th-grade reading assessment. Monetary incentives have a statistically significant and substantively important impact on both student engagement/effort and achievement.
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by Julie J. Park & M. Kevin Eagan
The authors used cross-classified hierarchical generalized linear modeling to examine predictors of enrolling in college due to being admitted through an early decision or early action program in a national dataset of 88,086 students. Although research has investigated the types of institutions that tend to offer early action and early decision programs, the types of students who apply to these programs, and the types of high schools that they come from, no prior study has examined these three contexts simultaneously.
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by Bruce D. Baker & Kevin G. Welner
High-quality empirical research can guide policy. However, due to the disconnect between the research base and policymaking, that potential is often squandered. The mere existence of careful, rigorous research makes little impact if policymakers remain oblivious or if lesser-quality work is more effectively communicated and advocated. This article offers an important case study of this phenomenon, focused on popular understandings of the effects of school finance reforms that are prompted by litigation.
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by Chen Schechter
Whereas collective learning has mostly been approached from a deficit-based orientation (finding/solving problems and overcoming failures), this qualitative, topic-oriented study examines principals’ perceptions (mindscapes) about the notion and strategy of collective learning from faculty members’ successful practices.
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by Maia Bloomfield Cucchiara, Eva Gold & Elaine Simon
In cities across the country, market principles are having a major impact on education policy and practices. This article uses an examination of marketization in Philadelphia over a six-year period to explore its implications for public engagement in education, or the ability of individuals and groups to work with and influence the school district and hold officials accountable.
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by Betty Achinstein & Rodney T. Ogawa
This article examines conditions that support or challenge Latina teachers’ efforts to perform cultural/professional roles as role models, culturally/linguistically responsive teachers, and agents of change for students of color. Findings reveal the following: (a) the teachers’ ability to perform these roles is shaped by the capital and power relations present in the schools where the teachers work, exposing a form of “subtractive schooling” (Valenzuela, 1999) for Latina teachers, and (b) the intersection of the teachers’ personal backgrounds and school contexts resulted in these new teachers of color being change(d) agents—both agents of change and subjected to change by the system in which the teachers work.
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by Jason A. Grissom
This article examines how principal effectiveness and other determinants of teachers’ work environments explain teacher satisfaction and turnover. Using national data, it finds that effective principals have an even greater impact on teacher outcomes in schools with large numbers of disadvantaged students than in other schools, suggesting that policies focused on getting the best principals into the most challenging school environments may be effective strategies for lowering perpetually high teacher turnover rates in those schools.
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by Kristie J. R. Phillips, Laura M. Desimone & Thomas M. Smith
This article assesses the relationship between teachers’ participation in content-focused professional development and state and school policies.
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