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Volume 113, Number 1 (2011)

by June Ahn
This study presents an exploratory, comparative case study of three cyber charter schools. The case analyses introduce new insights concerning educational policy for cyber schools in the areas of authorizers and governance, teacher policy, and student achievement.
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by Donna E. Alvermann, Achariya T. Rezak, Christine A. Mallozzi, Michael D. Boatright & David F. Jackson
In this interpretative case study, we examine one prospective science teacher’s reflective practices during an online content literacy course as this teacher struggles to merge the teaching of skills-based instruction (reading) with concept-based instruction (science). In the process, we examine how the discourses emerging from the online content literacy course contradict yet also help to shape the prospective science teacher’s emerging professional identity.
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by Kathleen M. Brown, Jen Benkovitz, A. J. Muttillo & Thad Urban
The purpose of this empirical inquiry of state-recognized “Honor Schools of Excellence” was to explore how these schools of distinction are (or are not) promoting and supporting both academic excellence and systemic equity for all students.
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by Spyros Konstantopoulos & Geoffrey D. Borman
This study reanalyzes the 12th grade data of the Coleman study and reexamines the effects of school characteristics on student achievement using multilevel models. Findings indicate considerable between-school variability in achievement, which suggests school effects. School resources and school composition were overall positive predictors of student achievement net of family background. School characteristics explained a substantial amount of the between-school variation in achievement.
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by Jamy Stillman
Highlighting themes from qualitative case studies of three equity-minded California teachers, this article draws on social learning and activity theories to examine equity-minded teachers’ learning and agency as they responded to accountability-driven language arts reforms in underperforming schools. The article underscores the importance of balanced leadership in an era of high stakes accountability, particularly as it relates to teacher professionalism, learning, and agency.
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by David Passig
This study used virtual reality technology to simulate a variety of reading disorders and examined their impact on the degree of teacher awareness on the cognitive experiences dyslexic pupils encounter while trying to read. It compared the effectiveness of VR to better enhance the awareness of the teachers with the effectiveness of watching a film, and found VR to be more effective.
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by Heather C. Hill
Surveys covering mathematical knowledge for teaching and teachers’ professional learning opportunities were administered to 461 middle school mathematics teachers in both 2005 and 2006. Results indicate that that teachers’ mathematical knowledge might have improved during this time period, and improvements may be linked to specific forms of professional learning. However, teacher-learning opportunities appear short and fragmented.
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