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Volume 112, Number 9 (2010)

by Lee Anne Bell & Rosemarie A. Roberts
This article describes the collaborative theory-building process used by a diverse creative team of academics, artists, teachers, and undergraduate students to develop a model to teach about race and racism through storytelling and the arts.
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by Sarah Dryden-Peterson
Using portraiture, this article examines how immigrant and long-time resident youth build relationships with each other and identifies processes of personal interaction, cooperative action, and collective identification as central to the building of these bridging relationships.
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by Erica Rosenfeld Halverson
In this article, I propose an analytic framework for understanding youth-produced films as spaces for identity construction and representation. I bring together prior work in youth-produced media, social semiotic analysis frameworks, and the formal analysis of films in order to demonstrate how the construction of multimodal representation supports identity development processes and help us to bring these new media literacy practices to youth who are most in need of alternative mechanisms for engaging in positive identity work.
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by Jack Schneider
“Memory Test: A History of U.S. Citizenship Education and Examination” explores the history of the U.S. Citizenship Test, tracing its development from unregulated examination by naturalization judges at the dawn of the twentieth century to the highly structured 100-question format of the current test.
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by Sean P. Kelly
The goal of the present study was to investigate differences in the prevalence of developmental or student-centered instruction in public and Catholic schools and to begin to identify how the social context of schools affects teachers’ adoption of a developmental approach.
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by Steven Brint & Allison M. Cantwell
Class attendance and out-of-class study time are known to be strongly associated with student success. The paper examines two other uses of time as influences on academic outcomes in college: those devoted to active engagements with friends and community as opposed to passive entertainments, and those that connect students to campus life rather than separating them from campus life. Controlling for students’ socio-demographic backgrounds, previous academic achievements, and social psychological stressors, we find that “activating” uses of time are associated with higher levels of academic conscientiousness and, through academic conscientiousness, with higher GPAs. However, uses of time that connect students to campus life show inconsistent effects.
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by Stephen J. Thornton & Keith C. Barton
This article argues that the emphasis on teaching history as a separate subject is of recent origin and is misguided for both cognitive and philosophical reasons. Rather than emphasizing the uniqueness of history, advocates of improved history education would be better served by recognizing the natural and long-standing place of history within the broader field of social studies.
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by Robert L Hampel
This article contrasts the home study activities of two major universities, Columbia and Wisconsin, with the business practices of the proprietary vendors who dominated the large market for correspondence courses in the 1920s and 1930s.
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